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  1. 3yearsofacne

    Untitled Album

  2. 3yearsofacne

    July 5th 2013

  3. 3yearsofacne

    June 26 2013

  4. 3yearsofacne


    veltin + doxycycline
  5. 3yearsofacne


    A little less than a week of veltin and doxycycline
  6. 3yearsofacne

    June 1 2013

  7. 3yearsofacne

    My face WITH makeup

    Ugh gross!!!
  8. 3yearsofacne

    Scar improvement

    Decided to go a bit more natural -- stopped the cream, yet still take the pills and use tea tree oil for pimples, as well as blackheads/pores. Works well on pimples, pores remain/small noticeable if any change. Also started dermisa skin fade cream with hydroquinone from Walgreens to fade red marks. Hope this helps!!
  9. 3yearsofacne

    Cluster Of Pimples That Are Dormant..

    I'd definitely suggest asking derm for a prescription for an antibiotic such as doxycycline. I use veltin (similar to ziana) and take antibiotics and have no more acne. Totally know what u mean by dormant. Antibiotics will destroy the bacteria thr is stuck under the skin and the pimples won't even surface. Beware though - with my cysts antibiotics got rid of them but left scar :/
  10. 3yearsofacne

    new treatment: sept 2012 AFTER

    trying out a new regimen
  11. 3yearsofacne

    first treatment: feb 2011 BEFORE

    after mild acne, two cysts condition worsened