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  1. 3yearsofacne

    July 5th 2013

  2. 3yearsofacne


    veltin + doxycycline
  3. 3yearsofacne


    A little less than a week of veltin and doxycycline
  4. 3yearsofacne

    My face WITH makeup

    Ugh gross!!!
  5. 3yearsofacne

    Scar improvement

    Decided to go a bit more natural -- stopped the cream, yet still take the pills and use tea tree oil for pimples, as well as blackheads/pores. Works well on pimples, pores remain/small noticeable if any change. Also started dermisa skin fade cream with hydroquinone from Walgreens to fade red marks. Hope this helps!!
  6. I'd definitely suggest asking derm for a prescription for an antibiotic such as doxycycline. I use veltin (similar to ziana) and take antibiotics and have no more acne. Totally know what u mean by dormant. Antibiotics will destroy the bacteria thr is stuck under the skin and the pimples won't even surface. Beware though - with my cysts antibiotics got rid of them but left scar :/
  7. after mild acne, two cysts condition worsened