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  1. Hello all, just a quick update. I am planning on going in for my fourth subcision combo treatment with Dr. Rullan w/ some fillers on 08/26. Decided against the phenol since the down time looked way to excessive (1-2 months). I start my new job in September so the phenol was too prohibitive in terms of downtime. The last thing I want is to show up to work with a super red face and give a bad first impression to my boss and new co-workers. So the phenol will have to be put on hold. In
  2. Hello All, 07/06/19 Update has been completed within my original post. Summary: Finished healing from 3rd round of subcision with Dr Rullan. Planning on doing a phenol peel with Dr. rullan in August. Any Advice would be appreciated! He recommended to do fillers. But I plan to go more aggressive and go with a peel. He is okay with doing a peel as well. I just want to add, I think its best for people with deep acne scars to go through a few treatments of subcision/acid to "l
  3. Hello all, I am going in for a third treatment with Dr. Rullan next week. Progress has been great so far - please see original posts for updates. Its been about 3 months since my second procedure.
  4. hello everyone, I am considering doing a phenol chemabrasion peel with Dr. Rullan. I have done 4 mixto laser treatments, and two treatments with Dr. Rullan already (subcision, acid, PRF, microneedling). I do think i need to go with something more aggressive to alleviate my scars. Do you guys recommend doing a peel with Dr. Rullan? Should I do a couple of more treatments (i.e. subcision, acid, PRF, microneedling) before I move on to the peel?
  5. Posted updated for 03/29/19. Went in on 03/28 for a second treatment with Dr. Rullan. Posted pictures. Thinking of doing something more aggressive such as a 3 day phenol chemabrasion peel with Dr. Rullan - however, heavy downtime and much more expensive procedure. Will need to ponder over it.
  6. hi all, sorry been so busy. I will post up pictures laser. But its been about 2 months, and my skin looks better already. HP lasted about 3-4 weeks, but then slowly faded away. Try not too get too worried about the HP - it will fade away gradually. I can see my scars looking more "filled in". like i said ill post pictures later, really busy with work and life stuff so my apologies for not updating sooner. I plan to go back for another session in the near term future, n
  7. im hyperpigmented as well. Its been about 2 weeks since the treatment. Im not too worried though ... i am pretty sure the HP will go away over the next couple of weeks... just be patient would be my two cents.
  8. I did a procedure on the 20th of December of this month (8 days ago). Your face will be bloodied, swollen, scabby. I wouldn't recommend flying back home the same day - as a matter of fact - i wouldnt recommend flying back home after even 3 days after the procedure. However, if that is the only option you have, then you have no other choice. It will be *EXTREMELY* embarrassing to go out in public. People will be staring at you. I would recommend wearing one of those visors that covers your f
  9. Hello all, Please see my history of acne scar treatments here --> Long story short, I did 4 mixto laser sessions with Dr. Rahimi, and it did not work. I decided not to pursue any additional treatments and just accepted my scars. However, I came across Dr. Rullan just browsing through these boards, and decided to give him a shot. I had my session done Thursday, 12/20/18 in his Chula Vista location. He performed Cross (with carboxylic acid), subcision, microneedling, and P
  10. Hello, I did three mixto laser surgeries 3-4 years ago and got okay results. Maybe 30% improvement. I am back at it again trying to figure out the next best treatment for my skin. I am leaning towards seeing Dr. Rullan to do some TCA cross / subcision. Please view photos and please provide suggestions on what you think will be my best options.
  11. Hi All, its 11/4/18... its been a while since I have been on these boards. I am back on here because I plan to get some additional treatment for my acne scarring. In my honest opinion, I do not believe Laser is the way to go for deep acne scars, which is what I have. I have done some further research and found Dr. Peter Rullan in Chula Vista, California, who performs TCA cross, subcision, etc. I believe this may be the better option for my skin. I'll keep you guys updated. I posted some new pict
  12. Megtree, really appreciate your response. You definitely have helped put my mind at ease, I was getting a bit worried there. It never bothered me (in terms of pain), the only thing bothersome was the site of it. So I never made it a priority, and I assumed it would just go away on its own. But the fact that its still been present for over 3 months has made me worry, which is why I finally started taking action into finding out what exactly it is. I'll see my dermatologist next month (ear