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  1. Its gone from calm to aggresive. You know what im saying? It was servere according to my derm. Word! Couldn't agree more. Carl, see my post about Neosporin with Klaron. I went through the same thing of accutane and thought I was in for a second course. My post is in the non med forum. Will do mate, cheers.
  2. I was on 40mg for 1/2 months then went upto 60mg... The total time i was on roaccutane was 7 months. I was 16 in april. Just got a refferal from my docter to see the derm.
  3. I started my first course of roaccutane in January, my skin wouldn't respond to any other treatment. It cleared me up and just left me with light red marks that didn’t bother me as they didn’t look aggressive and were calm looking. No big deal. Now a few months on after i finished the course, slowly and slowly, its creeping back and getting worse, ive been hoping its phrase but its obviously not... What can i do, roaccutane is the answer. Can I contact my derm again, and do you t
  4. Forum, long time no talk, just thought id see how it was going, all the best take care in the future, all my love.. Carl P.S. Im still moist babbyyyy!!! x x x
  5. Egg mask Moisturiser.. here Vitamin intake, vitamin c, b, e, etc.
  6. Tips Clean Shave Get a new hair cut, pointy side burns, stick some wax in your hair Work out I think you would really benefit from those. Thats my opinion, maybe you already like the way you are.
  7. If thats the case, overdosing has changed my life. Roaccutane for a start. And now i over dose on vitamins, i know it may be harmful, but its working, im happy, from having a depressed moment in my life, and coming out of it, i dont want to ever ever deal with that again. Im not even a adult yet.
  8. Thank for your time, and what i am doing is working for and thats what matters. Good infomation, great! Cheers.
  9. Looking to get more... Vitamin E - 400iu Msn powder - 8oz Vitamin C - 1000mg Alpha Lipoic Acid Any good online, high street stores in the UK besides holland and barret. Thanks, Carl.
  10. your going to get dark haired stubble all over your face, you do relise? You want to turn into a monkey?
  11. Water = drying Soap = drying Use a cleanser. Such as nivea visage gentel cleansing milk
  12. Carl

    vitamin c

    I take 10x1000mg a day, along with MSM, Vitamin E, Zinc, B complex.
  13. People will do crazy things for clear skin, thats why in REALITY, theres money to be made in the "acne" industry.