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    Defeated acne with Dan's regimen in 2012. Laziness and experimentation with other products left me with terrible acne again! Here I am, ready for Dan's regimen take 2.
  1. I too had an AWFUL experience with oil cleansing. I only used it (75% grapeseed, 25% castor) for 8 days and I have discontinued it for 9 days now. I keep breaking out every single day, and I fear that it is going to get much worse- even worse than it has already... I started on doxycycline yesterday and i'm using The Regimen (which I had success, if only I had just stuck to it..). My question is: is there any other way I could speed up the process of recovery? I'm thinking the doxy will take a f
  2. amygims, right now you are at the time where your skin is still getting used the the BP and it'll take some time before it gets used to it. I don't want to jinx anything but I really do feel like my skin will only get better from now on. Keep on sticking to the regimen exactly as it says. The worst thing to do is to stop or to add in another product. I know it will work for you. Take care!
  3. I must say, I am completely amazed at how much my skin has changed in just a week. When I posted this, I had completed three weeks. Now, I have gone through four weeks and I KNOW this is working. My huge pimples have gotten significantly smaller and the redness has gotten a lot less red. My face no longer hurts or itches like it used to, which is such a huge plus. Obviously, I still have red marks and scars but my acne has cleared up A LOT. I'm blown away at how much it has improved in just a we
  4. Thank you both for replying to this topic! I guess I should give a little more information, since all I did was write about how bad my skin was (and maybe a little bit of exaggeration). I have used BP previously and I never had a horrible reaction to it, so I don't think I am allergic. Also, I have noticed that the redness has gotten a little less red- it was really red the first 2 weeks but it seems to be improving a lot. I do see some improvement, although it is very slow. I know that I must b
  5. I just started week 4 on the regimen and I am completely and utterly discouraged. Not only has my acne gotten worse since I have started the regimen, but it is the worst it has ever been in my life. I dealt with the dryness and the flakes for the first three weeks, but all I have no is just huge, painful, red, inflamed pimples that are overtaking my left cheek, left jawline, and right chin/jawline area. I know that I just need to stick with it because it has to get worse before it gets better, b