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  1. Hey, I know what it feels like hun. I have unfortunatacne had acne for almost 10 years and I'm only 21!!!! It's a tough thing to go through, I know how you feel. I also have been playing basketball for most of my life and I currently play basketball on the collegiate level. At times it's difficult, but my advice to you would be to not let acne get the best of you. Your young, and you should enjoy all the things that you can. We are sometimes our biggest critics, and sometimes we feel tha
  2. Well, I recently got home from school, and I visited the derm on Monday. At the beginning of my appointment, the nurse asked me what products I have tried to improve my acne and I gave her a run down of my story. She told me that I had a lot of scarring, which is true, but she said that my acne was not that severe. I do agree that my acne is a bit controlled right now, but my major problem is breakouts that lead to severe scarring, and that makes it hard to get rid of the acne scars when new o
  3. Thank you for the information!! Sorry for the reply, but I have been busy with exams and finals over the last few weeks. I have an appointment to see the dermatologist in about a week so I am hoping for the best . If I do get put on accutane (and I'm praying that I do), I will definitely be taking fish oil pills. I'm currently taking biotin pills, but I'm not sure if that will have any effect if I were to be on accutane.
  4. Lol...thank you. I am just really eager to start this treatment. I wish you all the best with your accutane journey
  5. mrjarjarbinks77, I feel where you're coming from. I have had acne since I was in the 3rd grade!!!! Having acne has taken a huge toll on my confidence at times. I can't even look at someone without thinking that they are staring at one of two things; my pimples, or my acne scars. Im going into my final year of university in the fall and i just want a new start. I play on my universitiy's varsity basketball team, so ive pretty much been social all because of sports. It really is strang
  6. Hey....first off Congrats on your new journey to clear skin. I am hoping that I will be put on accutane when I visit a dermatologist when I get back to Toronto. I believe that u said that u did not have insurance to cover accutane. If you don't mind me asking, how much did a months supply cost you without insurance? I do have insurance but I'm not sure if it gets covered by my insurance company.
  7. Wow....is it that easy?? I'm from Toronto also, and I need to get on Accutane as soon as I get back from University. Did you just ask your doctor and they prescribed it to you? And was it $75 with no insurance at all? I'm not sure if my insurance will cover this.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, and as you all may have already guess, I suffer from acne. I first got acne when I was in the 3rd grade!!!!! It was so embarrassing because kids would say that I had chicken pox, which was not the case. I am now 21 and still suffer from acne. Acne has seriously messed with my confidence now that I am in college. I can't really think back to a time where I have been confident with my appearance because most of my memories include me having acne. I a