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  1. Me too did accutane claravis did not work. I used Rodan and Fields unblemish their stuff is great and they give you a money back guarantee even after 60 days. I payed 600 a month for my Claravis(accutane) and it destroyed me and my skin. Its worth a try keep your head up hun your beautiful. Message me if you have questions
  2. Feeling good finally clear! Without accutane!

  3. Muchmore2

    Rodan + Fields

    Before and after unblemish message me with questions acne sucks anything to help!
  4. Try Unblemish Rodan + Fields it worked for me
  5. Have you tried Rodan + Fields unblemish? I used everything even accutane and Claravis and it destroyed my face. I finally have clear skin and its under control. Its work a try I know acne sucks trust me I can show my before and after pixs. They give a 60 day money back guarantee so if it doesn't work no risk plus it gives your skin time to let it work. Let me know if you have any questions. Feel better! Here is the site tpryor.myrandf.com [email protected]
  6. Don't touch!! Trust me I made that mistake before. I use Rodan+Fields unblemished and soothe. I have been on everything you can imagine only thing that worked for me. I spent nearly 600 a month on accutane or Claravis and got two blood clots. It destroyed my skin. It works for some but not me. I am a consultant now for R+F to share my story and help other. Feel free to message me if you have questions. Don't give up I didn't!!! You can look at what I use here tpryor.myrandf.com They give 60 day
  7. Lots of research a lot of pain but I finally got what works for me! Thank You Unblemish Rodan + Fields the best then reverse for hyper pigmentation now I use anti age. Thats why I became a consultant acne sucks I was over it. I just want to help other get their acne under control. If you have questions feel free to ask Tpryor.myrandf.com
  8. Hello my name is Tracy. I have suffered since a teenager with acne which continued until about 3 months ago. I am now 32 years old. I tried every prescription and non prescription product. I took Accutane and Claravis with no luck. I had tons of health problems on Accutane and got two blog clots in my legs, bad vision and had to wear eye plugs because they were so dry. I never got to complete my course. It gave me eczema and my acne continued to get worse even after 4 months. I stopped the treat
  9. Finished 3rd month of Claravis skin worse than ever