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  1. Hi guys, I havent visited this site since I ended, Just to let you know I have complete my course of accutane in January. Its so crazy how fast time has gone. For those of you who still on it, I wish you all the best. Keep your head and one day it will be your turn to have beautiful skin. But, I have to say my acne has returned but not as mild! yes it has! I believe that this is mainly because my skin is normally oily, so my oily skin is the reason for the return of acne. Hope is not los
  2. I haven't written on here for quite a while, uni and work gives me no spare time. Just a quick update! Ive finally made it! R ight now I'm like the happiest girl in the world! Accutane works wonder, that's only if you have the patience! Despite breaking at the end of month 5 and totally freaking out.. My skin has prolly grown one tinie weenie pimple. Which is tolerable compared to what I used to look like. Yesterday I met one of my college seniors and he was telling me how clear my
  3. So I'm on my 5th month, everything was going so well, no breakouts or blackheads.. Until BAMM one morning I had some in the most weird places, ears? Like seriously? They were massive! I was like ahhhhh! What to do? Has anyone also started breaking out in their 5th month?
  4. Okay, so im on day 76 today. Ive been sick for the past few days and went clubbing last night. I feel like shit atm! I had a few beers and shots last night because of freshers week, by the end of the night I was tipsy. I know i shouldnt be drinking but I didnt want to feel left out. My skin became extremely red but didnt breakout. My body now just seems out of place.. Has anyone ever felt like this? I tried googling alcohol and accutane, some say its fine and others say its dangerous. I dont
  5. candypie

    5 Months On Accutane!

    Heeey Vee, Im so glad that youve seen results! Makes me excited to continue my journey and see a brighter future. I feel exactly the same, I hate to socialise because I dont like when people just stare at my skin as if im alien. Thank you youre an inspiration!
  6. 2 days ago, I went to see my derm and he said that I will be staying on 40mg because if I go any higher the side effects will become more severe. This time he gave me 3 months of treatment which I am really happy about because I dont have to go and get tests... Thumbs up! I havent got any actives at the moment, just scarring. They become more evident day by day... hmmm. BUT, today I couldnt resist myself and ate quite a bit of sugar and junk, so I wouldnt be surprised if I get a few tomorrow.
  7. Ive tried majority of the drugstore and high end brands such as Clinique, Estee Lauder and Laniege. Some contained alcohol which made skin very dry and broke me out like crazy. Ive been using the Body Shop's aloe vera range..
  8. So I have recently been using Clinique's soap bar and I just finished it 2 days ago. I started using Cetaphil cleanser and lotion and now I have these horrible active spots on my cheeks. It doesnt seem to clean my skin as well, it doesnt foam or nothing. I have never broke out this bad since starting the treatment, just when I thought things were going well. I still have that nasty big spot on my jawline from last week, its not going!! what should i do? I have also had a craving for chocolate
  9. indeed the truth does hurt and I do regret making up that excuse. however, looking on the positive side, he told me something, that my skin has definitely improved and the confidence to lightheartly go out proves it, it is just that my mind hasnt adjusted. And I agree he wasnt mine from the start, but I miss being appreciated. thank you! I wish you all the best too! xx
  10. its been some time since I last updated my accutane blog. So Im currently on month two. No drastic changes. Everything is good is so far, I have been clear for the past week until last night when I woke up with a MEGA one on my jawline. Dry lips and hot weather does not work at all!! So I met a canadian guy who was my colleague's friend who came into the chocolate shop. He was really cute and I loved the accent of his, But that day I was really busy and couldnt really speak to him because I h
  11. Not much of a breakout for me, I was expecting it to be crazy like pepperoni on a pizza but no. Just one big fat one on my jawline that dried up within two days. I have little bumps that are unnoticeable unless you look very closely. Dry skin and lips are bearable and applying moisturiser and lip balm is like a routine. *Thumbs up* My skin used to be tomato red, but now it is just like a light sunburn. Looking forward to seeing the Derm on monday and hopefully she changes my dose to a higher
  12. Aww.. Dont worry we're all in the same boat, just remember 6 months is a short period of time considering the length of time acne has affected me. Currently I am on day 25 and face is just getting clearer and cleared. However. the red marks left from picking are becoming more evident but my skin is definitely a lot more smoother. Good luck!
  13. heeey Lilbee, Ive just read your post now. Here's a update, my first week was dreadful! I was sleepy, migraines (which I dont usually have), my lips were dry and my skin on my chin started peel. I think on day 10, I started getting pimples on my neck. Its pretty strange because I dont usually get it there :/ For now, I would say make sure you find the right moisturiser for dry skin because your skin will become very sensitive. And if you are going out make sure apply SPF, regardless of sun
  14. heey! Great to hear youre having good results. I have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and theyre like red dark spots. I read that it will take a few months to go away by itself. Ive tried natural yogurt as a face mask and it lightens the skin without being too harsh. Personally, I love it! Google it.
  15. Ohh I never knew sells Boots it, thank you. Youre a diamond! Touch wood it wont happen to me, Retin A has destroyed my face enough..