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  1. i am glad to see this thread alive. it has been more than a year & i havent been regular in my habits but i have def seen improvement. thank u again ofg!!!
  2. i'm glad to see this thread thrives! ive been away awhile & cant say that i have been consistent. but i have noticed an improvement in the past 3-6 months! i am still getting fairly regular breakouts no matter what my diet or how often i drink water but now i only have 1 or 2 pimples at a time that turn into whiteheads. i still battle with keeping up with a regimen. so thats my update! i like the toner, i believe it works, and it can work even better if u follow a regimen! thank you
  3. i got my tea tree oil from the drug store. i use the drug store brand & it's 100% Australian tea tree oil.
  4. i got a tub of aquaphor for my tattoo, it didnt even occur to me to use it on my lips. this is good to know for next winter when my lips get sooo dry!
  5. many hugs Emily!! it seems life is full of stress sometimes. i hope this post finds u feeling better!
  6. UPDATE: i think i may have brewed the tea a few minutes too long because i was reading stuff online but i think it's ok lol! i used 20 decaffeinated Bigelow green tea bags. they were on sale 2 boxes for $5, cant beat that! i used a heaping 1/4 teaspoon of Celtic sea salt & i added 20 drops of tea tree oil. i'm waiting for it to cool now!! then i will add a little bit of Bragg's ACV. i want to wait for everything to cool because i dont want any heat to destroy the effective properties
  7. hi ginger! i've been using the tea tree oil as a toner all over my face. what i've been doing is soaking a cotton pad in cold water (i use filtered bottled water because i can refill it for free from the water cooler in my apartment building) & then i place 6-8 drops of the TTO on the cotton pad (not in the same spot, kinda spread it around) & then i squeeze out all the excess water. after that i gently wipe/scrub my face with the cotton pad. i tend to reuse the same pad by folding i
  8. hmm... i am very curious about this product. i rarely wear makeup because i have never liked the way makeup feels on my skin. i did get some samples of mineral foundation from Sephora a while ago but i dont remember the product. i didnt feel like i had anything on my face so i guess there's hope after all that i can find a mineral foundation lol!! i do like the fact that it has zinc in it. alima pure... i will look into it...
  9. that's great!! i'm glad ur making progress!! keep us updated so we can keep giving u support!
  10. this is great news!! thank u onefatalgoose! i got distracted by other things so i will be making a batch on Sunday!
  11. i finally remembered to pick up all the ingredients tonight! i'm very excited about trying this!! i will report back over the next week! question: before tonight (for the past week) i have been using a cotton pad soaked in cold water with 6-8 drops of tea tree oil after i wash w/dr bronners baby soap. do u suggest i use the green tea toner instead of the tea tree oil or in addition to? thanks in advance!!
  12. re: the parts in bold true!! thank u for posting about that, it really helps to put it all into perspective about what a stressful life can do to u mentally & physically long-term. u might not even have a future because none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. so it is most important to only focus on the immediate moment. what must u accomplish in this moment right now? not what do u have to do this weekend! laughter is medicine for the mind body & soul!! i am a firm believer in find
  13. BINGO! i pretty much 96% dont care what people think about me. not about how i look or how i behave or what i say or what i think. i am who i am, i can never be anyone else. if i am someone that will never have even-toned, blemish-free, scar-free skin? so be it! i have a life to live. those that matter dont care & those that care dont matter.
  14. ur very welcome clambak3!! yeah, i've been applying it to my whole face and i really like it! FYI: i started using just SIX drops of tea tree oil on the cotton pad that i soaked with fresh cold water. i noticed that i could no longer smell the tto on my skin and it felt less tingly. if u have sensitive skin (i think u said u dont?) u might wanna start out with just 4 drops & add one or two more if u feel u need to. i think my skin is reacting well to the tea tree oil. i havent notic