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  1. I didn't start the cream, I went and got a second opinion. In the meantime, the rash spread a bit and definitely looks like a series of circles. There's burning and throbbing daily and also a sort of numb tingling on the bridge. The first derm had said rosacea, or perioral dermatitis. The second opinion derm said maybe seb derm or allergies or a cyst or .... kind of scary, Lupus Pernio. Basically they don't know what's going on. Maybe I went to two crappy derms or rashes are just hard to
  2. The derm called me and basically said the same thing you did...gonna put it on tonight and go for it.
  3. Just wanted to update, now we're thinking it's a fungal infection perhaps from my untreated athlete's foot that I've had for decades. It did occur right after I damaged skin in my area and I might have unthinkingly touched my foot and then my nose. (ew) I'm going to rub antifungal cream into my nose and my feet and see if that works. I'm also going on an anti-fungal diet while I treat it.
  4. Yeah most of the warnings I saw online were for the pill form but the little sheet that came with the box did say there was a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting Hepatitis which is scary. I'm gonna call my derm today. Thanks Staple, I really do appreciate all your help with my fungi!! I'm also going to go on an anti fungal diet the same duration as my treatment to really just get rid of it. Like non-starchy veggies, meats, whole grains and no sugar, no beer arggh! , chocolate etc. I was meaning
  5. Ok I was really excited to start putting on the ketoconazole cream but then I saw there's a lot of warnings that say it may damage my liver?! I don't have any prior history of liver problems or anything but yikes. That's a bit scary, just to treat athlete's foot & "athlete's nose"- is there a safer antifungal cream out there or do all prescription antifungals carry that risk? Argh I feel like I'm so close to treating this thing. I have been slathering both areas with coconut oil which I
  6. The medicine is called "Ketoconazole 2% cream 30GM" and I'm putting it on tonight. If it doesn't work for my nose, we'll try something else.
  7. Went to the derm today and she prescribed me the generic form of Nizoral, but as a cream. She said I could put it on my feet and my nose. And it wouldn't hurt anything. I have to do this for three weeks. She said I should use a sunblock over the cream on my nose since she could see it was inflamed and sun exposure makes inflammation worse. We'll see what happens. She's not really sure what it is, but I'd rather rule out a fungal infection than take Oracea which was making me dizzy or Finac
  8. Nah, it's usually just like a qtip rub, but they probably don't even have to do that if it's irritated. Good luck! Thanks! I just read something online that fungal infections on the face show up as a circle and that's pretty much what it is. It would be so great to solve this mystery and maybe even when the swelling goes down my scar won't look so huge!
  9. Thanks you so much for the advice I really appreciate it. I don't think I'd want any scraping on the rash though...I have a big ident scar on the tip of my nose already that torments me and I wouldn't want any other injury there that could possibly result in scarring...maybe we'd have to just do a trial and error on it and leave it at that. Maybe it's not that invasive though? It's not like a biopsy right? Yeah I did read Finacea has some anti-fungal properties- I think I'm going in there tomo
  10. Here's an update on the Finacea...the awesome part where it made my scar look better stopped and now the area is back to it's normal swollen state. Darn it! It looked so good for a moment!!! And it's burning more than normal. Funny you should mention that because I do have a theory that it's a fungus also! I didn't know fungal infections got worse in the summer, I thought that just happened with Rosacea. My nose is worse in the summer definitely! This would actually make perfect sense
  11. In my mind, after I applied the Finacea, the swelling around the scar immediately went down making it look better. Isn't it supposed to reduce swelling? I'm gonna call my Derm on my Monday and tell her what happened, maybe I'll even give her a demonstration. Or what could have happened I suppose, is that the Finacea made the whole scar swell as part of an allergic reaction and made it level with the rest of the skin. I hope it's the former, reducing swelling and not the latter making more sw
  12. Ok, I rubbed on a layer of Finacea, not expecting much. Holy crap, within a few minutes that swollen area went completely down! I should explain that my nose tip scar is like 2 fused pores underneath a big boxcar. The fused pores came first, then came the boxcar after I stupidly peeled off a layer of skin. After applying the Finacea, It looked like it did when it was just two fused pores without the larger boxcar indent around it. The shadowy horrible hole was gone!! But I'm a skeptical per
  13. Hey! My advice was supposed to help make things better, not worse! Try not to panic, you can't solve everything at once. There's no time limit that says you have to fix everything right this minute. Stop looking in the mirror, that is seriously the first step. Cover it with a pillowcase if you have to! Ride your bike, go for a jog, it helps to move. And try talking to a therapist, any therapist.
  14. I know I just have one hole but trust me it's caused me a lot of grief. But enough about me, it really does sound to me that you could benefit from CBT therapy. Just because you have scars doesn't mean you have to think about them 24 hours a day. It's just too much time to be suffering. I know it's hard to listen to anything but what your brain is telling you, but seriously, life doesn't have to suck so hard for anyone. Obsessive thoughts trick you into thinking they're the most important th
  15. My heart goes out to you and I feel your anguish, but I just want you to know you don't have to always feel like that. Yes, our scars exist but we don't have to think about them all the time. I think you would benefit from CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). I too feel crushing guilt for picking my skin and giving myself a big old hole in my nose. I beat myself up for "having perfect skin before I ruined it." It got really bad so all I would do is obsess about it 5-6 hours a day and not wan