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  1. Hi, this is slightly off topic, but there is such a wealth of knowledge on this board, so I thought you guys would be the ones to ask. I am just about to finish a course of Roaccutane and of course can't start any scar treatment for a while. Looking at my face though, I am noticing that my smile lines are making everything look so much worse. I really like my lips and have always liked wearing lipstick to enhance them, but now I find myself not wanting to draw attention to my mouth area because
  2. When I first approached my derm about scar treatment, he mentioned what I "could" get done ie lasers, but he did not seem impressed with any of them. The only thing he seemed more interested in was subsicion. When I went back to him about 9 months later, he did not mention lasers and instead was very keen on needling (roll-cit) combined with subsicion. It was mostly based on results that a collegue of his in melbourne has been having with his patients. I have yet to do it yet as I had to do anot
  3. About the guy who commented on my scars... He was just like that, he would just blurt out stuff and obviously not think that he might be hurting people. The funny thing is that from the first day he met me he was always commenting on how good-looking he thought I was, but come to think of it, that is the only thing about me that he ever did comment on, not me as a person. It was like all he saw was how I looked and not ME, but that could be because although I wasn't super self-conscious at tha
  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. The thing is that when I met my husband, I had scars, but no-one had ever mentioned them so I felt that they weren't that bad. I managed to attract him (and a few others at the same time) and had a somewhat normal life. Then a few years later one of his friends said out of the blue to me "did you have acne?" and when I looked at him with a blank (shocked)e xpression, he said "because of your scars..". From that moment onwards, my whole feeling about myself cha
  5. Well I've just turned 30 and went to get my hair cut and coloured yesterday before I went out that night. The hairdressers mirrors are AWFUL. There are windows on each side, so there is light coming onto each side of your face. I always avoid looking into the mirror when I go (which they probably think is weird), but once they had finished I had to look at the result and at first my hair was blocking the light, but then she pulled it away from my face and I saw my scars in all their glory. From
  6. I had true love but I believe that the state of my skin indirectly ruined it. My husband was very sociable and always did a lot of activities (mainly sport). I never wanted to socialise because my confidence was so low (because of my skin - scars mainly) and would send him off to do everything on his own. This gradually made us drift apart and after a trial separation (at his request) we didn't reconcile. He always claimed he still loved me, but that he didn't see how things would ever change (a
  7. When I am in the company of someone else with scars, I feel even more self-conscious. There are only about three people I can think of that I have come across with scars and I shyed away from them all. One was a girl that was going out with a friend of my ex's, she seemed more open about her skin and that scared me because I thought that if I got into a conversation with her, that it would ultimately end in her talking about her skin and therefore mine and I just CANNOT talk about it, I NEVER ta
  8. Nienna Whats the difference between cane sugar and refined sugar? Is cane sugar any less bad for you than refined? Donna
  9. Well, I'm trying to be a bit more positive and like Tamara said, I have decided to do some enjoyable things instead of just my mundane day to day things. Firstly I am just about to email my best friend to plan a weekend away soon. We've talked about it and not done anything about it, but now I'm gonna do it. I think doing the same thing day in day out with no real change in my life is making matters worse. I am about to recieve a bit of unexpected money (not too much but enough to have a bit of
  10. Hi there I'm on Roaccutane (again) for some mild acne and once I'm in the safe period I'm going to start my scar treatments. The thing is that I have become aware that I have put my life on hold until I get some treatment and see some improvement in my skin. I separated 2 years ago from my husband (his idea, not mine) and to me trying to meet someone else while my skin is in its current state is NOT an option. My friends sometimes make comments about me meeting another guy and I just say that
  11. I could never do that to the people who love me. I would much rather be proactive and try to find solutions. Donna
  12. I'm on Roaccutane for the third time. It's just a 3 month course because I had some mild acne and my derm wants me to get it all clear before starting some scar treatment. The thing is that I am almost 30 and already have quite dry skin so I am worried that Roaccutane is going to make my skin more likely to wrinkle (since its supposed to shrink the oil glands). Does anyone know the link between Roaccutane and skin aging. Also, I've noticed that over the past 2 years (the period of time that I ha
  13. Well why not. Can't hurt I guess and my basil plant is growing faster than I can use it, so first thing tomorrow I'll be down in the garden. To be honest, I can't see how it could help, but like I said, why not. Donna
  14. So what results did you get from the subsicion and roll-cit, Will?
  15. Are you talking about Smoothbeam in general or his particular one? Why do you say it only works on very shallow scarring, some people here have had very good results with Smoothbeam.