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  1. Well today is my 3rd day on my fourth cycle accutane. I am taking 20mg/day. As you can see from my photo it is about the same, although, it looks like there is no new growth, which is good. I hope to see some improvement in the coming weeks. It seems like either way I am going to have to implement the regimen or a new diet once the cycle ends. It is always the same, a month or so after the accutane cycle ends my acne comes back. Has anyone taken multiple cycles of accutane to finally rid t
  2. Masturbating is not a cause, it is a symptom, of yes, an influx of hormones. It has zero affect on your acne, but the hormones in this case are the cause, that what you need to get rid of.
  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate your input. I have started my accutane again, I will post another blog post about it this week.
  4. If your going to go natural then you should go natural from the inside out. Go with Milf Thistle and Flax Seed oil.
  5. Hey all, I am Thomas Rio, I have had acne since I was about 14. I am now 24. I have managed it many different ways, and have seen very clear skin at times for a few months at a time. About six months was the longest stint I have been clear. I have the type of skin where if I did absolutely nothing, including not washing my face, I would probably end up with over 100 pimples at a time, maybe more. Although by now I have sort of lost the acne growth everywhere but my forehead. However, my up
  6. I healed myself from acne a few years ago with diet, and the regimen. I since have been breaking out again simply out of lazyness. But about food. These steps can help you figure out what food will break you out and also if its possible to cure by food. Do "the regimen" because that always works Start out eating only cucumber, carrots, and water for as many days as you can (your acne will go away in about three-4 weeks with "the regimen" and that diet, but you can't live that way) Slowly add
  7. Hey everyone! I hope your are all doing well. I'd like to share this post from my blog about acne and would love to get your opinions. When you eat food, have stress, or smoke (to name a few) you are putting certain toxins into your body. These toxins usually get filtered out by your liver, and that is the end of them. However, in some cases, our livers aren't in the best condition. In these cases, the toxins end up getting redirected to another filter, known as the skin. This usuall
  8. So we all know (or at least I hope we know) the main reason for acne. Well two of them. Toxins coming out through the skin instead of the liver. You skin not regenerating fast enough and too much sebum coming get caught up together. So here is the fix. Milk thistle fixes your liver, which is obviously experiencing issues since your toxins are coming out of your face. So now that we have no toxins we still have to deal with the skin regeneration issue because of the sebum and skin cells get
  9. I have noticed this, one thing that helped me was milk thistle tincture before I drink, also helps with the hangover Witch hazel followed by cetaphil helps me too.
  10. I have used witch hazel for my facial redness and strange inflamattion that seems to come in patches. After the witch hazel dries (applied by cotton ball) I put cetaphil on. Hope that helps.