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  1. I stopped using the Regimen for the same reason!
  2. I saw this stuff the store recently for "popped pimples" but it probably wasn't that good for your skin. I work with raw shea butter from Ghana so I have been putting a little of that on at night if I messed up with the picking. I did try the antibacterial cream with a bandage thing and I felt okay about it.
  3. I definitely think the homeopathic stuff is worth a shot! Best wishes to you!
  4. I'm guessing you've tried a lot of things as you're a veteran member. I would encourage you to not give up yet though! We are more than our acne. Have you tried talking to professional before? Therapy has really helped me.
  5. It can be so hard to go through that. Some days I feel confident enough to not wear make up. Then something will happen and I get really upset about my acne and start being really hard on myself.
  6. Yes, there's a reason why milk is only produced after a baby is born!
  7. I thought sweating was good as long as you can take a shower soon after.
  8. My dermatologist recommended the antibacterial bar for sensitive skin. I use the moisturizer with the SPF. Neither of those products of parabens. I use apple cider vinegar at night as a "toner" I guess you could say. Try to stay away from really processed foods. I know it's hard when you have a tight budget. It may sound simple but try to make sure you're getting enough water as well. And I also can't believe your old boss. I think that's against the law to fire someone because of how they look
  9. Your skin looks good! It doesn't seem as deep as mine. I probably wouldn't even notice it if I saw you on the street!
  10. I hope it goes well! I was self conscious about my skin when I had to go to a family thing last month. My mom ended up telling me how much better my skin looked. So you may end up being encouraged (:
  11. I definitely feel guilty when I see my indented scars. I know they pigmentation stuff will fade but I'm not sure if any amount of special treatments in the future can help those. So now I just look in the mirror from far away. It may sound ridiculous but it helps me stay positive!
  12. I would just focus on her and getting to spend time together. Remember that you are more than your skin! You have a lot to offer and she cares about you too.
  13. I have an eating disorder as well. I had a feeling it was somehow related to my acne/skin picking. You put it perfectly when you mentioned control. It seems like if I can abstain from obsessing over one area, I won't do it with the other. Have you tried meditation or a guided relaxation? They have helped me a lot over the last year.
  14. You are in the right place. I have tried a lot of things for my acne. Antibiotics and topicals haven't really worked that well for me. Cetaphil products work well for me because they are gentle. Products that target acne tend to make mine more resilient. However, it does take time for skin to adjust to a new regime. I would just be gentle with your skin and cut out dairy if possible. My cystic acne cleared up when I gave it up. My biggest challenge has been not touching my face. There are a lot