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  1. Good lord it's like reading about me haha! I to used to pick. I don't think you have acne, not even close! I think you may be similar to me. Clogged pores which annoy the utter hell out of me and I used to like to sit and pop them all and utterly destroy my face. I would get a pimples & cysts on top of it but I think it was mostly due to me touching my face all the time as I've recently started to try & kick the picking habit and cleared right up. Anyway, the key is definitely to stop pi
  2. I love BB creams! I'm currently using the Skin:79 one in the pink tin. It gives light/medium coverage, takes the kick out of my red marks but I do still have to spot conceal. After I've worn it for a few hours & take it off my skin look AWESOME. (around all the bad bits haha) I'm not sure about the color of it tbh, the Skin 79 has only one shade, so it's more for people with fair/pale skin. I do prefer it to my foundation for now. Only been using it a week or two. Doesn't seem to be casuing
  3. It sounds very similar to allergic reactions I get. Lots of small bumps, that sometimes have white stuff in them. I would suggest trying to take an antihistamine and whatever you changed, don't use on your face for a while and see if it clears up. You can usually tell if its a new product that's caused it, if it stung when you put it on, that's a big no no! Anyway, whatever it is I'm sure it'll go away soon!
  4. I've been taking Accutane for just over 2 weeks now (10mg/day) I've noticed that I seem to be getting loads of itchy, small bumps. Just on my chin and my left cheek, my cheek also has some swelling. My right cheek dosen't have any of these bumps or swelling and neither does my forehead. I also don't have them anywhere else on my body. I've been drinking a boatload of water but things just seem to be getting worse. I haven't done anything differently in my routine. Has anyone else had this wh
  5. Rubbish. On top on my exsisting breakout I have an allergic reaction to god knows what. So my face is covered in zits and small itchy, itchy bumps. Can't treat the allergy with a topical cause it'll irritate the pimples. Taken allergy relief tablets for the past 3 days and it's only gotten worse. I have to go out on wednesday. Please look better by then
  6. I used to do this. I'm getting better at going out even when I look like poop :3 I second the poster who suggested volunteering. I started doing this so I'd get out the house more and it's been such a great experience. The people there are so nice and you feel like you've achieved something with your day which is a great feeling
  7. Yea it's gorgeous outside and I have to go to work but I'm so tempted to call in sick just so I can avoid the sun
  8. @ OP I really hope things have gotten better for you since you posted!
  9. As gross as it is. Yea I've broken my face a lot over the years. Gotten better at not picking now though. I treat it just by putting some manuka honey on it during the day and sticking a plaster on it so I don't look at it. Or I just sit with moisturizer on it as I found if I keep it moist, it's less likely to scar. This is when a scab has formed. Or you could put try putting some neosporin on it, that would help kill any bacteria and help it heal. Don't pick at it again, let it scab over and
  10. The Benzoyl Peroxide (10%) would be way too harsh for your skin right now. Stick with a gentle cleanser and let Accutane do it's work
  11. Small update. Got my microdermabrasion thingie in the post yesterday (Epidermix II) Used it last night, worked it in circles for about 30 seconds then around 2-3 mins for my main problem areas. I then applied the Silkia Camellia Oil I got with it (small sample) was soo scared it'd break me out. But woke up today and oh boy, my skin is still SO freaking soft! and no breakouts. It looks better to, brighter and my make up looks much better. It seems *crossing fingers* to of helped some of my bigger
  12. I am the opposite. My parents wouldn't let me hide away. It was tough but I think it actually helped me face things when I just don't want to leave my room. But in family get togethers I'm the only one with a problem with my skin. When I go out into town with friends I can't see anyone with acne or bad scars like mine. So yea, I feel like a freak all the time too. Mostly when I catch a look at my scars in the mirror.
  13. I used to use manuka honey a lot. (+15 Steens Raw Manuka Honey) It made my skin soooooooo much softer. It helps to heal popped pimples if you make a mess of it or pop one that's not quite ready. It helps with the redness, pain and inflammation. It also didn't break me out. I used it as a 30 min face mask as well
  14. Oh you started the same time as me Wishing you all the best of luck!