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  1. Hey guys, kinda on here just to vent. I found the Regimen 3 maybe more years ago and was happy I did. I felt like there was hope to finally getting clear skin! I take it very hard on myself when i breakout and tend to not want to be seen by anyone when i breakout. Anyways acne was affecting my entire life, I quit my job and stopped going to school becuase I was so embarresed of my skin. I started the regimen and had decent results to begin with. I never got "clear" and my face was alway
  2. Soo im only using bp 2x a day and half of a pump, starting relatively clear, but the dryness and flakes is soo annoying now. Gunna use bp only at night, and spot treat in the morning only. Hopefully i cant stay clear but FINALLY get relief from the flakes and extreme dryness. Will keep everyone posted on the results!! BTW ive been on the regimen for about 3 1/2 months now.
  3. I tried it and it was super itchy too, and it didnt clear me up that well. I dont like proactiv, but there body bar, actually is working. I recommend it!
  4. Thanks for the great suggestions!! Btw i have Dans AHA, and I have used it in the past, but i kept breaking out so I would stop using it. Im hoping it was just bad timing and that AHA doesnt make me break out, because everyone says it helps with the regimen. Right now Im not using it, and if my skin doesnt improve I'll give AHA another shot
  5. Been on the regimen for 3 months now and im about 95% clear thanks to it. I reduced my bp to half a pump now, and my flakiness is almost gone and dryness is better now. However, my skn texture feels off, I feel like i need to exfoliate somehow! Jojoba didn't really help because it glides over my skin, and i dont have the big flakes that i used to have. Has anyone exfoliated and was successful?
  6. I Just finished month 3. I also kept breaking out almost every week on the regimen. But they were smaller and few and my old acne kept getting better and better. Then before you know it your almost completely clear, and breakout come very rarely and go away fast. When i started i had like 30 big bumps all over. Now i have 1 tiny bump that you cant even notice. It will work if you stick with it. Its not easy though. One of the hardest things ive ever gone through, becuase i didnt wanna go out be
  7. Ive done about 3 months of the regimen, and im about 95% clearer now. However i was still super dry and crazy flaky! it was super super annoying. After my shower tons of small flakes would off. Sure i was getting clear but the flakes were a big problema. I was sacred of even getting a haircut becuase of the crazy flakes. I tried alot of recommended procedures. Jojoba, jojoba scrub, AHA, faster showers, cold showers, more water, TONS of moisturizer. The ONLY thing thats finally working and got ri
  8. Thanks for the tip, I've heard good things about AHA but I fear that my skin is very sensitive and may not react well to it. I've heard of some people developing Eczema from it... But hey maybe should give it a try! Im also 3 months into the regimen and about 95% clear now. It was pretty bad when i started though. My skin was CRAZY dry and FLAKY i didnt wanna go out. AHA definitly helps with exfoliating some dead skin cells but i found using it everyday wasnt the complete answer. THE SOLUTION:
  9. I was super desperate to!! 3 months in almost completely clear but so dry and flaky!!! I was doing 1 pump twice a day..and then i said screwomg i it and only used like 0.3 of a pump sometimes less for my whole face twice a day!! Immediately my skin started getting back to normal plus its staying clear! I recommend you try that twice a day instead of jumping right into once a day!
  10. Cerave Hydrating Cleanser is better than Cetaphil!
  11. im also gunna try it! I will keep you up to date with proress
  12. ok week 12 and still dry skin and flakes!! what i did was reduce my bp from 1 pump twice daily, to 0.3 pumps twice daily. You think that will help with flakes? If that doesnt work im gunna have to go down to once a day. Btw im 95% clear now.
  13. Well ive tried the jojoba with my moisturizer but i stopped, but i might go back to that. My chin however, is clear and perfectly smooth and non flaky. I always put a tiny amount of bp there though, not sure why. So i did was put the same thin amount on my chin, all over my face. It came out to only about 0.3 pumps. Hopefully I can finally get some flake relief plus stay pretty clear! will update! ill also try aha as well
  14. Drying and flaking still there!! BUT some parts of my face are soft and smooth and never ges flakes. Especially my chin, ( and it used to be the most driest flakiest part ever) I noticed where i put tiny amounts of bp, there were no flakes, plus i wasnt breaking out there, so i said what the hell and put the same even layer all over my face so it felt like my chin. If your wondering how much it came out to. It was about 0.25 of a pump for my entire face! and im used to about 1 pump. But if it wo
  15. K im STILL dealing with dry skin!! Im only using 1 pump twice a day, and im 95% clear now. Should i use it before the regimen in the shower, should i use it before i put bp, or should i put it on after bp?? Please if anyone has gotten their dry skin under control tell me what you did pleaseee lol