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  1. Brief update- I was a liiiitle bit aggressive with the Differin gel and jumped right into it, using it every day for about a week instead of starting slowly. As a result, my skin is a bit irritated. It looks fine, but it stings and gets a little red when I wash it or apply moisturizer. I'm going to back off a bit and use the Differin every other night. Other than that, my skin is doing well! It's getting smoother, has fewer blackheads/whiteheads, and has no big, inflamed pimples.
  2. Hey all! Just figured I've give a little update since there have been some changes in my regimen! I have now been on Spiro for *over a year*! Thirteen months in fact. So, the last time I posted, in the fall, I was on 100 mg of Spiro per day and Ortho tri-cyclen birth control. I had stopped using my Differen cream a while back because I felt that it wasn't really doing anything for my face. I would just spot treat with an over the counter salicylic acid topical and use a moisturizer. In the fa
  3. Almost 8 months on Spiro/4 months on Ortho Tri Cyclen-Lo Hey everyone! Not sure if anyone actually reads this, but sometimes it's just therapeutic to write in here. I'm a little bit frustrated because I'm having a pretty big hormonal breakout before my period. I've got like four pretty big actives on my left cheek, as well as a ton of gross clogged pores that will not clear up. It's just frustrating because my skin was doing so well in previous months. I feel like the state of my skin has
  4. 7 months on Spiro Oh hey ya'll. I haven't posted on here in a while because I really have nothing to write about. My skin is just about perfect. No more horrible cysts. No more carrying concealer in my pocket at work. No more waking up and dreading to look in the mirror. I do still get the occassional little pimple (right now I have three little ones) but they go away in a day or so. Right now the only thing I'm working on is evening out my skin tone. I still have dark marks from past acne an
  5. Still going strong with no major breakouts! All I really get anymore are [occasional] tiny, noninflamed pimples which are more like clogged pores. Right now, my focus is just on improving the texture of my skin. Current Regimen: Morning -50 mg Spiro -1 Fish Oil capsule -1 Vitamin D capsule -Multivitamin -Wash face with Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask -Apply Neutrogena All-in-1 Salicylic acid treatment (helps to treat pimples, hydrate, and fade past acne marks- I love) -Makeup- C
  6. UPDATE: All of the tiny little bumps/blackheads/whiteheads that have plagued my face for 8 months or so (see picture on previous page) are disappearing! Now that my inflamed acne is gone, I switched my regimen around a little bit to target the noninflamed acne/blackheads on my face. I started using a salicylic acid scrub by neutrogena and a topical cream as well. Both contain soy and Vitamin A to fade marks from old acne. I'm noticing that my whiteheads/blackheads are disappearing, my hyperpigm
  7. Yeah, before going on spiro, my hormones definitely had a predictable cyclical pattern every month... then when I went on Spiro, everything was initially kind of whacky. Give it time! I know it's frustrating and hard to be patient.. The worst month for me was probably the 2nd. Just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
  8. Wooooo! Congrats! I read your log and we have pretty much the exact same story. I am on my 5th month of Spiro and my skin is doing GREAT! There is still room for improvement but I'm no longer obsessing over my skin 10000x a day. Yay Spiro!
  9. It has been about five months since I started Spiro (about 2.5 months since I went up to 100 mgs), and a couple weeks since I switched to Ortho Tri Cyclen-Lo. My skin is doing great! This is the best that it has looked since before my acne re-emerged a year ago. I have a couple tiny pimples, but I know that they will go away fast. The texture of my skin is improving, and it is starting to glow. I have been able to switch to a lighter foundation because I no longer need to cover a ton of breakout
  10. Day 139 Not many new changes. I always have at least a couple pimples on my face, although they are smaller and go away much faster than they used to. Right now I have a healing pimple on my temple, two on my right cheek, and one that just started developing on my forehead that I can already tell is going to be a huge pain. I haven't noticed a change in my skin since I switched birth controls. No increase in breakouts or anything. The only side effects I have experienced so far are some nausea
  11. Spiro made me break out on my forehead, too (and I never break out on my forehead). I noticed that a bunch of other people on here said that as well. Hmm. As for hair... I haven't noticed any hair thinning or increased hair loss (my hair is super thick and I always lose a little when i shower or straighten it). I do take fish oil supplements, though, and that seems to make my hair shinier/stronger.
  12. Day 133 Still doing pretty well! I kind of broke out after working night shift at the hospital last night- I've noticed that my skin does get worse when I work nights. I have a few small-ih pimples on my jaw, but nothing like the huge cystic/inflamed/painful things that I used to get that would stay on my face for weeks on end. I went to the derm on Thursday, and she seemed really pleased with my skin. For now, she is going to keep me on the 100 mg/day of Spiro, and hopefully I will see more im
  13. Sooo, this would be Day 127 on 100 mg Spiro My skin is CLEAR. Clear, clear. Except for a tiny pimple on my forehead (more like a clogged pore), and one sort of below my ear. And those tiny bumps/blackheads on my cheeks. I am still not completely satisfied because I know that my skin can be better than this. It used to GLOW and have such great texture. And also, of course, I'm afraid I'm going to start to breakout out again, as I always do when I start to get clear. We'll see.
  14. Sooo, my skin has been basically clear ever since I started using the facewash with BP (previous post). I have zero hormonal, cystic pimples right now. I'm on the placebo pills of my pack of Lo-Loestrin Fe, and starting Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo on Tuesday. Hopefully the OTCL doesn't break me out and only helps my skin improve! Then derm appt on Thursday. This is the best my skin has been in months.
  15. Day 121: Visited the gyno on Friday- will switch to Ortho Tri Cyclen-Lo once my current pack of BC finishes (in a week). Then I have an appt with my derm on August 9th. I'm interested to see what she says about my skin as I've had no improvement with the 100 mg of Spiro for two months. This is so frustrating. I'm sure all of you on Spiro have gone through the same thing, as our acne is hormonally influenced- my skin starts to seem like it is clearing up. No active pimples, just healing ones. I