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  1. Here are some B-5 liquid/creams ive found: http://www.cosmeticskinsolutions.com/B5.htm http://store.nexternal.com/shared/StoreFro...et=products.asp http://www.dynamichealth.com/dh/pavc.asp
  2. I am wondering if using oil blotting tissues like clean and clear or the paper ones from rite aid will cause problems in the long run. Is it making my skin to dry by wiping away all the oil. Then because my skin is dry more new oil comes back?
  3. I have my face 95% clear but have large pores on my nose. The large pores turn black and it looks like dots all over my nose. I have been using biore nose strips either every day or every other day. My pores are starting to shrink up and get smaller. I am wondering if you can use the forehead and chin strips and do the same thing. A bit pricey at 8$ for 15 or so stips. Safeway and rite-aid have ther own brand that are cheaper so you might try that.
  4. For the last week I have used acnemiracle.com powder and the free gel as recommended by a few other users on this board. I must say that I am more impressed with this than any other regimen. I think my face is better off then when I used accutane. I am not recommending acnemiracle regimen, I am just urging you to try at least for a week a 10g b5 regimen.
  5. should I continue with current or lay of any certain medicine
  6. Anybody have any ideas on how to help or any stories of your trouble?
  7. put a thick layer of "neosporin + pain relief" on your nose and let it sit as long as possible. if it comes to it just rub it in so it isnt visible if you have to go somewhere to see people. I have noticed it makes the pores on my nose smaller and less stuff is in them.
  8. 1 tube neosporin + Pain Relief 1 Box of small dots/squares band-aids At night i put a small amount of neosporin on the bandaid and place it over the head of the zit. I use the small dot shaped band aids that are found at most drug stores (i use fred meyer or rite-aid). This greatsly reduced my acne. If I have a zit comming before i have to go somewhere, I will put it on for a couple hours and it will greatly reduce the size of it. But , for optimum performnace use this overnight. T
  9. I am using the murad cleanser, toner, 1.5%SA, and the 3.0% sulfur on the spot treatment. This stuff actually works. Im not completely clear but really close
  10. I have dry skin and want a lotion that wont make me break out. I have used some lotions and have rubbed my forearm to my face and it makes me break out because of the lotion. Is there one that I can buy in a store that wont make me break out if it touches my face?????