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  1. I've recently come across this site again and thought I'd share my method that has me 100% FREE. I'm not joking. I dont have 1 pimple on my face. This has been a first for me in years. I used to be like many people i see on this forum: I tried every other thing on the market to see what works. I tried neutrogena, clean & clear, clearasil and many other crappy products. But you know what? THOSE NEVER WORKED! EVER! One day I figured, "Hey, what would happen if I stopped using everything?" We
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar and Warm Water. 1 Active pimple so far, that's it. This regimen is sooooo much better than putting 100000 things on your face.
  3. Ah jeez, someone tell this guy to stop sucking his mom's nipples.
  4. Sulfur is dangerous? First I heard of it. Anyway, no, it is not dangerous. It pulls all the crap in your skin to the surface, so don't worry about it. It's no more dangerous than putting soap on your face.
  5. Hmm, I don't wanna curse it, but my face is looking better than it even has (well the acne part anyway, I'm still pale from the bronchitis.) I think the ACV is fading the red marks, cause they are definitely a lot less noticable now. Not 1 pimples yet! I'll keep ya updated...
  6. I think it magnifys it just enough so you look like shit everytime you look in it. Just put a sticker that says "WARNING: Acne is closer than it appears" on it. There problem solved.
  7. Actually it would be better if some of us just used acid. It's cheaper than all those overpriced products.
  8. A lot of these wood be good. Just make sure you don't put too much stuff on your face. As it's been said before, if half the people here didn't throw so much stuff on their face, they'd probably be clear by now (although this is pretty generalized, but they'd be more clear.) Anyway, as for your ideas... 1 - A good idea, flushes all the shit outa your body. You should do this even if you don't have acne. 2 - If it helps then do it. I never tried TTO so I dunno. 3 - If you do 10g of B5, make sure
  9. Clean & Clear Morning Glow is by far the best mosturizer I've ever used. It doesn't leave your skin with that reddish shine after you put it on, plus it smells great.
  10. Well, tomorrow I start the ACV. I've completely taken out the nature's cure and panthotenic acid pills, because they didn't do anything anyway. I'll let you know how it goes (I'm praying to not have a big breakout, even though I probably will.)
  11. I'm about ½ way through week 1...I'm slowly lowering the dose of SA and BP cleanser...Probably Friday or Saturday I'll start the ACV. On another negative note, I'm STILL getting pimples from my regimen, which sucks cause they're not even pimples, just red marks with a speck of dead skin. It's pretty gay, cause now I have like 4-5 more red marks to add to the total. ARGGG!
  12. Thanks guys! Once I get a month or two into this im sure I'll be mad I didn't start this earlier. Anyway, I just tried my new mosturizer, CnC Morning Burst (or something) and it's like a god! My skin didn't have that red shine after I used it!
  13. First off, I am a 14-year old male that has/had mild acne. A year or so ago, I wouldn't have even called it acne. It's more like an occasional pimple from shitty diet. I just washed with a dial soap bar and warm water, and I was fine. Eventually, I got a few more pimples (too much chocolate ) and decided to buy an SA wash and BP spot treatment. Crap. Didn't work. I used it occasionally, but I still wasn't convinced it did anything. I got more and more into regimens (started ChristineM's, to Da
  14. I dunno....I'm kinda fed up with this shit. I might try this. I fit most of your descriptions: My parents don't have acne, nor scars and also my acne was never as bad as it is now...About how bad is the initial breakout? It makes sense, since pouring medications on your face, obviously, isnt too good. So your saying lower dosage of your medication, switch to vinegar for around a month and go to water? I might take that Blackhead scrub back and try this.
  15. Day 32 Well, I haven't seem any "drastic results", actually almost the opposite. I got a few more pimples AND blackheads. The pimples are basically gone (just more red marks) but the blackheads are still there...It's pretty shitty, but I'm waiting till day 120. I'm stopping the DAK thing for a while because it wasn't really doing anything. Funny thing was that I didnt have any pimples on my forehead, probably because it was weakening the hair folicles...I also switched mosturizers because, alth
  16. Proactiv can suck my dick. I think the problem is they combined too much shit into 1 product. If your skin isnt sensitive then it'd probably be okay, otherwise don't get it. On second thought, don't buy it at all. $40 for a freakin 3-step system is overpriced.
  17. I'm kinda the same way. But hey who gives a fuck? Just get good grades. They'll go a LONGGG way in the future.
  18. Day 29 Still have 2 active pimples. Bah! Well this regimen seems to be working a little better now though. Anyway, during the past few day's I've made up my mind on some things... 1) I'm going to stick with the exact same products (scrub and CC wash) because I've heard a lot of good things with both of em (mainly the scrub) and I don't think it's worth it at this point. I've come too far to fuck this up now. 2) I'm on day 17 of Nature's Cure, and I will not be buying it again when I run out. It
  19. WAIT!!!! Don't give up yet! I had the same problem, as I broke out 10x worse when I first started. I've been on it for about a month, and yes you probably will break out very badly for the first few weeks, or even the first month. It's because all the shit is coming to the surface. When you think about it, mixing SA and BP can't really be that bad when they're cleansers. If it's your first week, I'd definitely stick with it a few more weeks. Who knows, you might be completely clear in no time.
  20. Yeah it should still work, maybe even better if your skin is sensitive. Anyway, if you can get a hold of it, try it and if it doesn't work you can try something else.
  21. Day 27 My face is clearing a lot now. I'm still left with a bunch of red marks and, for some reason, I'm getting little red dots all over my face. They're very tiny and barely noticeable, but it's still kinda pissing me off. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait.