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  1. Eating a vegan diet also helps my oily skin a ton. It is most definitely NOT a placebo affect. I used to have horribly oily skin. Within minutes of washing my face I could see oil coming out of my pores. Now I can last a lot longer (8-12 hours) before I feel like absolutely need to wash my face because of the oil. It's only your imagination. Diet and sebum production are absolutely not related. If you're so sure, just post a study that proves the link. Eating fatty foods or fiber w
  2. Google Oil CLeansing Method, it worked wonders for me until i broke out. Turns out I was using the wrong kind of oil. Research and find the right oil for you. Each person is different so products may give you a different reaction. The oil that broke me out was Grapeseed oil. Now the oil I use is good old cheap sunflower oil. If you break out the next 3 days after using the oil then stop just stop, no such thing as "purging" period.
  3. Its not the aloe vera's fault, tea tree oil in general is extremely bad for your skin alone. It has high levels of hydrogen peroxide which increase cell oxidation, therefore damaging your skin. If you continued the use of tea tree oil, it would cause irreparable damage. Your supposed to dilute tea tree oil in some other oil then use it to lower its strength. I made the same mistake and ruined my face, but now its clear again.
  4. Skin has cleared. Only minor dark spots left. Been using original baby powder to control oiliness on my face.

  5. This is not a facial moisturizer. It isn't but many use it as a facial moisturizer due to its simple ingreidents.
  6. Aveeno Calming Comfort Baby lotion works really well for me during winter months. It's incredible and feels fresh. Here's what it looks like>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>EDIT: http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp?ItemId=16132&skintonetype=-2&AgeRange=0&SortBy=helpful
  7. Spectro for Blemish Prone skin works wonders for me! Its a non foaming cleanser without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or any Sodium Lauryl (foaming agent that can irritate). Blemish prone cleanser works the best.
  8. The spectro line for blemish prone skin works really well. The Blemish prone cleanser and Blemish prone moisturizer works really well for me. The moisturizer contains salicylic acid which helps removing dead skin cells. While the cleanser is a non foaming gel cleanser which helps calm the inflammation of the skin. Foaming agents Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and all the other Sodium Lauryl can cause the skin to become drier and proner to irritants. Hope I help, these have been my miracle prodcuts fo
  9. Trying to think positively until I see my own skin in front of the mirror. :/

  10. So the other day, I met a so called "friend". The moment we met she said "OMG what happened to your face?". I then said "Gurl, you know a spider laid eggs on me last night and it's about to hatch soon................. WTF DO YOU THINK IT IS?". I just hate it so much when people are this rude you know? This is just a rant on how that comment just ruined my entire day. Sorry if it is too negative but you guys might find it funny on how I handled the situation.
  11. For me minocycline caused headaches, nausea and I became very depressed to the point where I wouldn't go to school. The minocycline pill did not work for me at all.
  12. You misread my story. There was never a purging period I was simply using the wrong oils. I was never a believer on the theory of "purging". Whoever came up with that theory was either a hired promoter for so called miracle products or just a insane person who needs some serious help . I am glad that Jojoba oil worked for you because I am one of the few that absolutely cannot tolerate it on my skin. I am really glad that I am not alone that uses oil on their face. Thank you for your input
  13. excelicious

    Day 32

    Pls dont use comedogenic stuff on your hair like olive oil coconut and definitely don't leave conditioner on your hair overnight. Those stuff will cause MAJOR breakage on your face and wreck havoc on the rest of your virgin skin (aka areas that have no pimples). I really advise you to use non comedogenic oils like sunflower oil and that's the only oil out of everything that worked for me.
  14. I really am happy for ya kinda jealous but oh well my time will come. Btw your hurrrr is gorg
  15. The products that I used may or may not work since every Individual is different. So please keep a open mind when reading through this THANK YOU. If you don't know what OCM (aka: Oil Cleansing Method). LINK HERE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/ ANCE.ORG OCM MY STORY About 2 years or so ago, I tried using the OCM and it all started really well. Every skin problem I had was quickly solved within da