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  1. ~ 3 weeks post treatment, got more of a texture and coloration issue now than deep pits. Most swelling is gone - I didn't suction nor use any blood thinners. Will hopefully get a florescent lighting shot before sculptra/filler which I'll have done the following week. I doubt I'll need as much as last time. Progress is looking good in the mirror. People who have been critical of my skin have said it improved a lot (both unsolicited). Looks like I'm on the right track. 2019 will hopefully be the l
  2. I heard a lot of cracking during the procedure - the doctor uses a lot of force to cut the tethers using cannula. There was a doctor there training on me also and I noticed the difference between the force she applied vs the force Dr. Rullan applied. The trainee didn't use as much force and didn't forcefully carve through the skin - I didn't hear much in crackling noises. So I suppose your doctor is correct - cannula won't cut the tethers [if little force is applied]. I think there is a lot of t
  3. TCA cross made my scars wider. Phenol works better for me. --- Had my treatment today; subcision + cross. Before procedure shot - will be taking pictures in this lighting from now on. The goal is to level the scars a bit more and then focus on texture. No sculptra as the doctor recommended I skip it this round and add it in 3 - 4 weeks. I'm nervous about sculptra as the 1 vial gave such significant volume and it's still building. I'm wondering if another vial is too much.
  4. Added timeline to first post. Added more information to the images to avoid confusion over the swelling. Unfortunately, even for me, I cannot always easily determine if my skin is still swollen. -- I would place improvement at 50% for 2018. This is great improvement, but it's not where I want to be yet. I think I can get another 50% improvement for 2019, and I'll probably slow the treatments. -- Plan moving forward is a sculptra/subcision/cross (Mid December 2018) followed by
  5. Yeah I’ll summarize later and add to the first post. These procedures were effective in lifting the deep pits however all the pits are still there. I wouldn’t rank the improvement that high. Skin looks bad up close and in certain lighting. Also a lot of the improvement came from the temporary filler. I dont plan to keep adding temp filler when the downtime is so long. I’m hoping infini will soon do its work as I haven’t seen the improvement from it yet, but its only been about 5 weeks post.
  6. Had Infini 4 weeks ago and volbella filler a bit prior to that. Dr. Rullan in San Diego did the filler and Dr. George in Santa Monica (UCLA medical center) did my Infini treatment. Both doctors and staff are great. It's getting difficult casting shadows on the scars for picture taking. Next step opinions much appreciated. Edit 11/2: removed before shot, need confirmation on when it was taken. Treatment Description and Thoughts Filler - I had filler placed 3 - 4 weeks after cannular sub
  7. 3rd. I don't think the first one counted as it was much weaker than the 2nd and 3rd. @ the office, Dr. Rullan gave an explanation of why he's convinced TCA cross expands (and lifts) scars while phenol just bruises (thus lifting) the scar but doesn't expand it. I like phenol so far. Left side has texture issues and 3 main pits I want to fill. I didn't notice the scars on the bottom towards the mouth until I took that picture, will probably like to clean that up. Will get a close up next
  8. Had cannula subcision, phenol, needling 2 weeks ago. It's unlikely I'll ever want nokor again; cannula subcision hits all the scars in one treatment rather than just certain areas, and I'm not bruised for months. Also only 2 incision points! I figured a downtime timeline might help some people here plan their treatments around school or work, so here is mine. To those who are flying in for the procedure and flying out same day - . The face looks absolutely terrible right after treatment. The
  9. In this lighting condition (dark room + spotlight LED) little to no improvement. The problem with this lighting in my opinion is a shallow scar casts a deep shadow, just like a deep scar. In other lighting conditions like @ work in the bathroom (florescent), huge improvement - I was ecstatic after looking at it recently. I wish there was a better way to measure scar depth and size for the layman.
  10. Got pictures today. Had Sculptra 1 vial 5 - 6 weeks ago + 0.3 vials HA filler placed in temples. I don't like these pictures but I do like the progress I see in the mirror. Still a long way to go.
  11. Experience with Infini: Final downtime was about 10 days, back out in public after several days. ~ 2 weeks later it seemed like many of the scars were more sunken in. Since then my skin has restored back to normal. Temple improvement not as good as I originally saw - unfortunately it may have been long term swelling. Subcision bruise right side hasn't healed yet - still see a tint with a camera picture. Left side still has a brown mark from a subcision incision point. Overall I like the di
  12. It's supposed to have less adverse effects and produce better results. However I read that publication a while back and remember thinking the sample size was small. Originally I was scheduled for tca cross, however the doc was confident w/ phenol, so I agreed. For the bruising, I can still see a tint today on a portion of the right cheek; it mostly died out by day 60 but was still somewhat noticeable. From reading other subcision posts on this forum, it seems my bruising duration is on the up
  13. Phenol first, then subcision, same procedure. The phenol was as advertised, improved certain scars by maybe 15%, didn't make any scars larger. Will need several more. It has helped reduce some of the shallow, sharp border edges of certain scars. I'd go with beautifulambition's rec of using make up. It takes forever to go away.
  14. Not expensive relative to laser treatments - I'd call in to get the quote. Dr. Rullan's office is open about their pricing model. At this point one session of subcision + suction has shown probably equivalent improvement to all treatments I had in the past. Here's where I'm at with my right side around day 60. I made a mistake on my downtime - I didn't see that I was still quite bruised under certain lighting conditions; I was bruised to the cheek bone. Massaging it daily has helped and the re
  15. This first post includes all updates in this thread. Baseline Photographs I've had a lot of treatments done prior to starting this journal - 4 mixto CO2 laser treatments, 10+ micro needling sessions, juvederm (2 vials), 2 venice viva, cooltouch, and 2 spot subcisions. For more information, you can look at my old posts to see how I felt about those treatments at that time. Today I know all of those treatments were a waste of time and money. These baseline pictures were taken many months