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  1. I am planning to do phenol chemobrasion, but having second thoughts if its worth it or not. When you say in your post you only see texture improvement, do you mean more like skin blending. Had you not done this procedure would you say it would not have mattered since the results was not as expected?

    1. Grlscoutcoochie


      depending on your scarring the phenol peel wasn’t the ultimate fix for me personally. Almost did nothing to ice pick boxcar scars they did kinda get smoother but every scar is definitely still there. It also takes 6-12 months to even see results after being red for so long. U can’t consume solids for a week also. I guess I’m happier I did it bc some improvement is better than none but I think about the money and energy n the lack of results together so it’s up to u wat ur resources r looking like 

    2. Grlscoutcoochie


      And I’ve had multiple treatments done before and after the peel and still not that thrilled so yeah there’s that. 

    3. getsmart121


      Can you please share your number, I really want to talk to someone who has done it 

  2. Results have held. Won’t need additional filler for a while. Maybe I’ll top up in 2 years, if I care to do so, but it’ll just be for anti aging - I’m nearing age 32. Results - I’ve experienced no complications; the phenol peel takes a year to see full results. Everything else has held. All my previous complaints about various issues were all temporary. Skin looks more or less like the last picture, so I'm not posting further screenshots. People I talked to about scars generally don't n
  3. If you see my post history I made a post for needling a while back showing my results for dermaneedling. I’ve done it 20+ times. It did smooth scar edges, however if you expect it to fill in scars, or fix any type of minor volume loss, it’s not going to happen. If it does happen, it’s probably microswelling which can last over a month. From my experience, skin needling is a waste of time if you want fast, major improvements for non-superficial acne scars. It is cheap and easy to
  4. There isn't one - no one has measured which suction techniques are optimal. There is a publication that goes over what they did for suctioning: http://c60antiaging.com/pdf/therapy-in-treatment-of-atrophic-acne-scars.pdf Personally used a standard cupping set off amazon, did it 2 - 7 times a day, less in the beginning and more later. Did it by feel as to when to start suctioning (bruising needs to be down enough to start), usually 2 - 4 days for cannular. Multiple passes based on gut fe
  5. Thanks. It holds. The longevity duration they provide should differ from person to person - most use Sculptra for anti-aging and are typically of older age, thus their collagen is decreasing at a much faster rate. It builds real collagen; collagen lasts as long as it lasts, depending on genetics and age. My skin has only improved and filled in since my last treatment more than a year ago. I doubt I'll need any more filler for at least 5 years. Collagen has taken the place of the tempo
  6. I had these same concerns, however further research shows most complications are due to improperly trained nurses and doctors who didn't prep the solution properly. The problem is there is nothing that compares to Sculptra, not even filler. If you have widespread volume loss like I had, this is the only way to go. Let me emphasize how good Sculptra is for widespread volume loss.. IT IS PHENOMENAL. Sculptra should be diluted; 1 vial for the entire face, minimum 6 months apart. It will b
  7. Does the pee create permanent dermarcation lines between the face and the neck? No it takes 6 - 12 months to disappear Is it true that the treated skin loses the ability to tan/ ability for have pigment forever? No I'm still quite tan post 1.5 years phenol peel Is it true that the treated skin loses the ability to tan/ ability for have pigment forever? Can a similar result be obtained with a series of medium depth peels? Not true but always a risk. Doubt medium depth p
  8. Hi what do you think would help with this type of scarring?  I am looking to come from Australia to see Dr Rullan kind regards...trying hard acne.jpg.f8510a954533b18c73038e5cbd906058.jpg

    1. tryinghard123


      do you think phenol peel would help these? and chemabrasion


      i tried excisions fillers needling lasers grafts etc etc with little results



    2. tryinghard123


      also did tca cross with no results at all

    3. tryinghard123


      and subcision does very little too

  9. This is my last post before I disappear. I’m happy with the results and no longer care about improving scarring further. My social and dating life are where I want it to be and my skin no longer affects me. I plan to continue getting filler on an as-needed basis, but the results have held nicely and skin continues to improve. Thanks everyone for the encouragement throughout this journey, thanks @beautifulambition for your posts which made me take a second shot at scar treatmen
  10. Wait for the swelling to subside a bit, usually 2 - 3 days, then suction. I wouldn't suction if I did cross. scholar.google.com -> subcision suction method
  11. It's done. Dr. Emery in Thousand Oaks, CA is phenomenal, anyone who lives in the Los Angeles area and needs filler, I recommend her. I would always suction after subcision. No clue about the Sculptra part, never tried it. I don't see a problem though. -- @McPoopy Scoopies not sure. But before considering doing only the phenol peel, read Dr Rullan's publication. It says it's not as effective. -- Voluma update, took this snapshot a bit over a week ago. I've already done
  12. Some reddit users think hyperpigmentation = scarring - the 30SA won't be effective on scarring. $1750 seems steep.. prices must've climbed a lot.
  13. Yes, 80% improvement on the ones I tracked. Probably not under a microscope, but visually yes a lot of textural scars disappeared completely after the chemabrasion, especially on my left side. My pitted right side hasn't had as much luck, and unfortunately it will be loaded up with filler to flatten out the rest of it. Volume loss makes things difficult.
  14. The healing phase the skin has a strange texture. My skin isn't waxy now, maybe just a little, it's looking better each week. Yes it is invasive. Agree, it was hard to gauge improvement from some of their before/afters. Although my pictures are the same way. I know looking at the mirror it improved a ton. The scars you need to zoom in to see. No volume loss, almost leveled scars. I had a ton of these that reacted to no other treatment. Dr. Rullan has some before/
  15. No, texture only Yes, especially noticeable up to the 8 week mark.