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  1. Hi what do you think would help with this type of scarring?  I am looking to come from Australia to see Dr Rullan kind regards...trying hard acne.jpg.f8510a954533b18c73038e5cbd906058.jpg

    1. tryinghard123


      do you think phenol peel would help these? and chemabrasion


      i tried excisions fillers needling lasers grafts etc etc with little results



    2. tryinghard123


      also did tca cross with no results at all

    3. tryinghard123


      and subcision does very little too

  2. This is my last post before I disappear. I’m happy with the results and no longer care about improving scarring further. My social and dating life are where I want it to be and my skin no longer affects me. I plan to continue getting filler on an as-needed basis, but the results have held nicely and skin continues to improve. Thanks everyone for the encouragement throughout this journey, thanks @beautifulambition for your posts which made me take a second shot at scar treatmen
  3. Wait for the swelling to subside a bit, usually 2 - 3 days, then suction. I wouldn't suction if I did cross. scholar.google.com -> subcision suction method
  4. It's done. Dr. Emery in Thousand Oaks, CA is phenomenal, anyone who lives in the Los Angeles area and needs filler, I recommend her. I would always suction after subcision. No clue about the Sculptra part, never tried it. I don't see a problem though. -- @McPoopy Scoopies not sure. But before considering doing only the phenol peel, read Dr Rullan's publication. It says it's not as effective. -- Voluma update, took this snapshot a bit over a week ago. I've already done
  5. Some reddit users think hyperpigmentation = scarring - the 30SA won't be effective on scarring. $1750 seems steep.. prices must've climbed a lot.
  6. Yes, 80% improvement on the ones I tracked. Probably not under a microscope, but visually yes a lot of textural scars disappeared completely after the chemabrasion, especially on my left side. My pitted right side hasn't had as much luck, and unfortunately it will be loaded up with filler to flatten out the rest of it. Volume loss makes things difficult.
  7. The healing phase the skin has a strange texture. My skin isn't waxy now, maybe just a little, it's looking better each week. Yes it is invasive. Agree, it was hard to gauge improvement from some of their before/afters. Although my pictures are the same way. I know looking at the mirror it improved a ton. The scars you need to zoom in to see. No volume loss, almost leveled scars. I had a ton of these that reacted to no other treatment. Dr. Rullan has some before/
  8. No, texture only Yes, especially noticeable up to the 8 week mark.
  9. https://www.drrullan.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/3431158a99250d951e124f497a9197c2.pdf Figure 6, phenol peel on its own isn't that great. -- The chemabrasion is good, just don't expect it to fix anything beyond very shallow pits. I read a bit of your thread history, I think it's still better to do it local, find someone you trust.. unless you're loaded with money, time, or just want to do the phenol chemabrasion, which is unique to Dr. Rullan. Whatever your history is wi
  10. No, please see opening post of this thread for downtime log. After 2 weeks you can cover up with make up. I got strange looks up until the 11 week mark w/o cover. Sculptra is a collagen booster, not a filler. You can't accurately predict how much collagen Sculptra will build. Sculptra helps create actual collagen, collagen doesn't just vanish after strenuous activity. I never had a lot of ice picks. After I saw DIY TCA cross enlarged my ice picks, I never touched TCA again. Phenol
  11. Boxcars, Rolling -> Subcision/Suction, Filler, Sculptra, Infini Icepicks -> Cross Surface level textural issues -> Chemabrasion I wouldn't do the chemabrasion if you had no success with the other stuff. I did the chemabrasion b/c I had lots of textural issues. Ask Dr. Rullan's office for before/afters, some aren't impressive. You'll be regretting the $7k - $8k spent and the 3 months of awful downtime, this isn't magic. Not interested in permanent filler for the same reason
  12. F93d : Can you and only you personally answer this question?


    I have similar scars to you ice pick boxcar and rolling moderate to severe....with what did the phenol peel and chemabrasion help with the most?  I too am thinking of seeing dr rullan


    i have done subcision, needling, excisions, punch grafts, lasers the lot etc with just about no results at all..thanks


    tryhing hard

    also how come you dont get bellafill or silicone for filler as dr rullan suggested this for me from my photos and as it is semi permanent?

    1. Week 12 post - raw skin Just getting filler and I'm done; first session in 2 days (Voluma), then another session following week for Volbella for the superficial scarring. Going to a local med spa for this one. I don't think the pictures show it, but skin texture has dramatically improved from the chemabrasion. Chemabrasion did nothing for the pits except smooth the edges. It helped enlarged pores significantly. No regrets on this treatment, just annoying it wiped out filler placed prio
    2. No, just textural issues. Do cross for ice picks and subcision/infini or related for boxcars. No, really just filler and I'm done. Maybe a resurfacing in 6 months - 1 year. I don't know, I'm no expert. Let's say 4 weeks. RF doesn't affect filler. --- @dazzed will keep that in mind. --- Talked with @beautifulambition over PM, some things I thought were important: - those last shots were taken when I had food poisoning and was very dehydrated. I didn't use
    3. Ideally not, downtime is such a nightmare. Will see how skin looks after filler then decide. Hopefully a fractional laser. Will consider another Infini since it’s good with filler. This is also many months out, I won’t do it until chemabrasion is healed. I’m only filling the pits now.