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  1. Thanks guys! And yeah sorry if I sound defensive :/ I've just tried so many things and nothing has worked all the way, so I'm getting kind of hopeless... I like the idea of a sulfur cream, I was actually planning on asking my Doc about that. I'm using a 3 step regimen that is based on SA, and it has been helping too, so I agree that it's pretty good stuff. I'm a little hesitant to go on a crazy diet/eating-plan because everyone on here has a way different opinion on what "the cure" i
  2. Cetaphil is junk! Since their cleansers got rave reviews; so I walked into Walmart and picked up their moisturizer figuring it would be great too. Man, I was wrong. SUPER greasy and just terrible. I actually took it back... I haven't tried Cerave but everyone seems to like it Definitely don't go with cetaphil though...
  3. Hello I'll try to give you a short back history on my acne Started getting acne around age 12, it wasn't too bad until I was like 14 or 15, at that point I had acne EVERYWHERE, very inflamed, red, deep, painful, infected acne all over my cheeks, forehead, temples, etc - Tried a prescription strength benzyl peroxide and anti-biotic cream for awhile but it didn't help. Tried all the Wal-mart and home remedies junk until I was about 16 - finally a friend of the family took pity on me
  4. It could be hormones like oceanic said. But it just seems like if it WAS hormone related you would have acne all over your jaw line, and it would be mainly concentrated around your mouth area. That's the usual typical pattern of hormonal acne. If you're a female, you could try birth control or spiro to help with the hormonal imbalance, but if you're a guy you're mainly out of luck, especially if you already cut out dairy. On the bright side, if it IS hormonal, it should calm down in the next
  5. Could be bacteria from your phone. Do you talk on it a lot and does it touch that area when you're on it? Try disinfecting your phone every day.
  6. Sesame seeds, spinach, collard greens, blackstrap molasses, kelp, broccoli, swiss chard, kale, brazil nuts, almonds, flax seeds... It's true that dairy products are the easiest place to get calcium, but trust me when I say there's plenty of other places to get it. Just do some quick google searching and you'll find plenty of foods high in calcium that are non-dairy. Dairy is encouraged to be cut out from an acne-sufferers diet because it screws with your hormones. Even if the milk says "horm
  7. Alright I didn't read all the posts so sorry if this was already mentioned... But how can this work since salt is a level 5 on the comedogenic scale? I'm not saying it doesn't work, because I think salt helps a lot. So I guess I'm asking why is salt comedogenic if it's so helpful?
  8. Yeah... I'm thinking I might just go with this instead since it gets really good reviews http://www.kaviskin....coral-kavi.html Picking a good cleanser is a pain in the butt! Then again, I still like the other cleanser I linked because sodium chloride is just salt... So I guess I'm not sure how salt could be harmful since so many people say salt water helps their acne so much!
  9. So, I'm trying to find a good cleanser, since the one I currently use is too expensive to keep buying I found one and the ingredient list is as follows... https://lh4.googleus...ingredients.gif Sorry, can't get the picture to just show up for some reason... I looked up the ingredients and the only one that popped up a red flag to me is sodium chloride. It ranks a 5 on the comedogenic scale, but it's pretty far down the list. (#11 out of 24). Do you still think it would be alright to try??
  10. So ACV helped a lot? I just started using it yesterday... But I'm super paranoid that using a new product will break my face out even worse :/ My old toner worked well enough, but it's too spendy to keep re-purchasing. I'm using undiluted ACV and I guess I'm just too impatient to wait for the results! On top of that I just started working out and also started using BC. So my face is bound to freak out. But all of the things I changed supposedly can help acne... Maybe I'll finally get clear?
  11. Hello, So, I'm looking for cheaper alternatives to my cleanser since mine's insanely expensive. So I went to the reviews on here and filtered them by rating, and the Coral Kavi Bar was the highest rated cleanser! (It had like 80 reviews or so I believe and got like a 4.5 out 5). So, I was just curious if anyone on here actually currently uses it and whether or not they like it. Otherwise, what's the best relatively cheap cleanser out there? One that doesn't contain sulfates!
  12. Well, creating an all natural three step system isn't TOO difficult. Toner could easily be apple cider vinegar. And moisturizer could be jojoba oil. But, you're going to run into a problem with finding a natural cleanser; especially if you need it to remove makeup. I really want to try out the Coral Kavi bar of soap, since it's the highest rated cleanser on here; although it's not 100% natural, it still has a very short list of ingredients and looks pretty good. Or you could always go with t
  13. Nuts are very high in calories since they're a healthy fat. Try snacking on apples or bananas with almond butter on them. You could also just try eating more meat (and eggs? not sure if those are allowed in the paleo diet though). I think the paleo diet sounds like a really good plan, although I've never tried it myself. Except I don't understand why legumes aren't allowed since most people think legumes are really healthy Also, as long as you don't continue to drop weight that fast you shou
  14. 'Ello So, although I LOVE my mineral foundation, and I've been using it as my under eye concealer, it just doesn't have quite enough oomph for that area. The circles under my eyes are like... black. So, I need a very, very good coverage concealer that is preferably also moisturizing, or at least not powdery/cakey. Also, preferably from the drugstore since I don't have enough money to fork out $30+ on a concealer Since it's the under eye area, I'm not too concerned about it breaking me out..
  15. Haha, wow! And yeah, everyone says the same thing about tea tree oil, but I always use it undiluted sooo.. If I ever attempt ACV I'll probably start off undiluted. I might just try it out on my shoulders for awhile to see how it goes. But I'm not sure I'll get an accurate idea of how it works since nothing ever helps clear my shoulders... But yeah, definitely keep me updated! Hope it works!