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  1. Too cool, will definitely have to give this a try!!
  2. Getting there.... again. :|

  3. You know what I use to fade dark marks, even overall skin tone, and even heal up current blemishes? Manuka honey. I've seriously tried everything and I don't know if you have as sensitive of a face as I do but most creams for fading hyper pigmentation actually breaks me out, but not honey. Especially this awesome honey, I bought it on Amazon for about $30 and it lasts me months. I leave it on overnight every other night and I seriously have never gotten faster results. It's always
  4. I use grapeseed oil as a moisturizer and will not use annnnything else anymore. I believe I have candida overgrowth as well but Candex isn't working completely. I'll have to give this coconut oil thing a try. Sucks that I have to buy everything online nowadays. But it is much cheaper. I'm glad you found something that works for you!
  5. No you can really only smell it right after application. And even then if you have a moisturizer it should mask it. And some people make a toner with ACV and some people just apply it full-strength and rinse it off after 10-15 minutes.
  6. I love black soap personally and sometimes I use a sulfur soap. They're both listed on my signature and have helped me immensely. But if you're looking for a drug store brand cleanser I would go with Clean & Clear foaming facial cleanser for sensitive skin. I have extremely oily, sensitive skin and these have helped me so much. You have to remain mild with your skin, I used to use ACV but I found it way too irritating. I hope you find the right cleanser and regimen for you and maybe yo
  7. Question, do you think a scratch test of all those foods at an allergist is beneficial or is that ALCAT or whatever blood test really helpful in finding out what foods your body has an intolerance to? I even get hives sometimes and I'm sick of avoiding every food I love when it might just be a few or something. Is it a waste of time to go to an allergist? Mate were you the guy that was using Aveeno products? They have something that's meant to be able to use for discolouration/redness. L
  8. Yeah, I don't know about all of this.. All these supplements people are abusing (yes abusing, because they are taking a hell of a lot more than the recommended daily dose) aren't going to do any good. And if they do it won't be for long. They're toxic.. instead of taking expensive vitamins think about getting those vitamins through your everyday food. People will always want the instant satisfaction but these vitamins don't even get processed by your body half the time. I hate supplemen
  9. d00d.. sweating is good, it clears out the pores. But it can turn not so good if you don't wash your face/body/clothes right after sweating. Be SUPER gentle in your approach, whatever you decide to do.
  10. D:< I have a MASSIVE white head right next to my nose.. feelin supah attractive today.

  11. Sex is so much better when there's 1. Anticipation and 2. Chemistry (ideally love). It's likely going to suck if there are neither of these things. There's no huge deal in rushing it and regretting it later.
  12. That is a little strange but sounds and looks like a definite allergic reaction to me. I just got the exact same thing from eating pizza and drinking beer last night (I have Celiac). Better stay away. :\
  13. Unfortunately that's how it is. :\ I use all natural everything and since doing so I must say that I'll never go back to drug store cleansers or hell even the expensive ones we all try out of desperation. All those harsh cleansers beat up your sensitive skin. My acne is basically 95% controllable now (but I also have a terrible food allergy I need to pinpoint so hey it might even be 100% when I find it out). I have one active. That's in contrast to hmm about 10% controllable (whether or not