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  1. I think it is, but I am trying to find out when. Can you put BP on right after clindamycin or should you wait??
  2. well, one week later and my face is starting to get iritated already, especially my neck, and it burns when I put on cetaphil lotion (because my skin gets tight and dry after I wash it although within hours it's oily as a mutha). I can't tell if it's working cuz I'm getting hormonal and nothing can stop the breakouts from that.
  3. My acne isn't bad enough for accutane. But it's bad enough that it bothers the hell outta me. I'm almost 29 years old. I will be totally embarassed if I get a crazy breakout, but I guess it'll be worth it if this crap actually works. Also - for the last person - I though jessica simpson's clear skin was due to proactive not accutane?
  4. From what I've been hearing differin users clear up for the first few weeks of treatment and then break out like crazy and then clear up again. From your experience, is this what happened to you? Is there anyone out there that didn't get a crazy breakout? I just started about a week ago and my skin is clearing up nicely, but I am scared about this breakout. But I will do what I have to do. I'm also using clind., too.
  5. Good advice to make sure skin is completely dry. Sometimes I forget. Miata - that is a hell of a lot of medication! does your dr recommend this? my skin is so sensitive it would all fall of if I did all that. thanks for answering my question about the oilyness.
  6. I don't use them together. The clind in the morning (he told me only on breakouts, but I'm putting it all over my face and neck) and then differin at night.
  7. Miata, Since you've been on clind. for awhile has your skin changed oil-wise? I mean, if you were oily before did it get better or worse? I thought I read in the side effects it may cause oilyness although my differin is suppose to cause dryness. I'm very oily, but my skin seems extra oily for the past few days even though my skin's already clearing up.
  8. I think so. I just got it a 6 days ago. They said use it in the am to treat existing acne and then differin at night (since my acne is not too bad) to treat future breakouts. I've already seen a huge imrovement.
  9. I think if you over wash or over medicate your skin will produce even more oil trying to "make up" for the lost oil. What I do is buy an ass load of those oil absorbing sheets and use those throughout the day. Also, drink A LOT of water. I would definitely stay away from 10% bp when 2.5 is just as good.
  10. I'm 27, too, and also starting breaking out since puberty but am much much better now. I agree with everything you said, but you forgot to mention hormones. No matter how healthy you eat and how much you exercise, if your hormones are out of whack then you'll get zits. I guess this applies more to women who have to deal with this on a monthly basis. ](*,)
  11. No. As long as you drink lots of water to rehydrate your skin. Although if you use a bong you might get acne around your mouth since there is a lot of bacteria on it (and if a lot of peeps are passing it around). You could get those alcohol wipes from any office store. BTW, I don't smoke (anymore).
  12. You can buy a ton of oil absorbing large sheets for cheap at any beauty supply store. I use Supia and they are around $3.50. They are probably cheaper elsewhere since I'm in new york.
  13. I think you need to build up on a new area. You probably don't have to be as drastic like you probably did with your face, but you should still build up. Also, the forehead is a "tougher" area then say your checks and neck.
  14. Aw - yes, red marks take longer to go away with bp (this has been discussed a lot on other threads) and sometimes double long if you pick at them, too. But red marks go away eventually and if you keep using bp then no pimples will come back and then you will be totally clear in 4-6 months. THey say it takes 4-6 months for red marks to fade away. Biore pore strips or tape and vitaK should accelerate this process.