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  1. Hello all, I know I wrote before that I would keep a weekly journal of how things go with me and accutane. Accutane and the Stievamycin have pretty much gotten rid of my acne. This has been a walk in the woods compared to what I had been trying to hard to do before to get rid of acne. I even drank a Dr Pepper without any fear yesterday. I expected a harder battle with acne. I'm pretty diligent in taking the pills. I've forgotten twice; one of those times was today. I feel like I can now go
  2. Everything is going well. The styevamicin has done its job and I have no acne on my face; only a few whiteheads; which is nothing compared to how it was before. I still have some on my neck but they have been receding also. Next week I will start taking accutane everyday instead of every other day. Blistex has been working fine. The cold weather doesn't seem to affect or aggravate my acne in any way. I am surprised at how well I'm doing; I even ate dark chocolate cheesecake yesterday with no con
  3. What is the best sunblock to use with accutane. I'd rather not touch my face because I'm using Stievamycin, which irritates by face. I was using Neutrogena age protection spf 75. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Thanks all for your great advice. I really think I will do well. I'm also using stievamycin and that has pretty much gotten rid of my acne in one week! I know there will be bumps along the way, but at least there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I also tried probiotics. Dont know if they did any good. Light therapy might work, but the effects might be temporary. Also you sound like a healthy guy like me. It seems like if you would go on accutane you would avoid the major side effects, since
  5. The problem is that my dermatologist gave Accutane and Stievamycin at the same time. For moisturizer I'm using Diacneal
  6. Thanks for the advice. I'll probably get blystex. It's just easier to haul around
  7. I decided to start a blog to keep track of my progress. Thanks for your advice. How much water are we talking about? (:
  8. There are a few thing that I need to find out or look into. What kind of shampoo to use. What the best chap stick is. Eyedrops, maybe, for dry eyes (possible side effect.) If anyone has any recommendations, please post. (:
  9. Hi fellow travelers, The purpose of this blog is for me to record my journey with accutane and that hopefully someone will find it useful. I'm a nineteen year old college student that has taken his first Isotretinoin (Accutane) pill yesterday. I hope that I will finally get rid of acne. I've had this dreadful disease since I was fifteen. At first it was just light and moderate. When I turned 17 it became worse. I moved to Arizona and the weather must have helped to aggravate it also. Whe
  10. Thanks, I took my first pill yesterday. I will stick with it the whole way. I made that decision once I took the first pill. The thing I'm working on is avoiding side effects. I'll look into blistex
  11. I am a 19 year old male and am about to start on accutane. After trying to combat it holistically and naturally, I have yielded to dermatologist advice since my acne is severe. I really want to avoid the side effects and do this as succesfuly as possible. Is there any advice that you can offer a fellow initiate? It would be greatly appreciated. (=
  12. I am growing increasingly curious about the idea that demodex mites cause acne. How can you know for sure if they are the cause of your acne?
  13. I wish this would work on me. But how do you keep healthy with uncooked meat. I am super thin. I think that I couldn't maintain my weight.
  14. Wow, you did a lot of research. Is there a specific brand and way to use linoleic acid that you recomend?
  15. Hi, I am thinking about staring to use these capsules, has anyone had any success with them? If you have, what is your regimen?