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  1. What I've learnt from Differin is that it's varies greatly with users.I use a mild tea tree oil cleanser for it's antibacterial affects, medium temperature water to avoid dryness. both of these allow me to use differin every night without needing to apply moisturizer on top. Skipping moisturizer made a huge difference to me. in the morning i'll use sunblock and a bit of moisturizer around my mouth. your dermatologist has you on three different treatments at once so I wouldn't recommend addi
  2. I'm literally waiting for my saw palmetto to get delivered, I ordered 320mg tablets that are standardized 85-95% fatty acids and plant sterols (active components) I'm from the UK as well and didn't see any pure saw palmetto tablets larger than 320mg. Is there anything else in the tablets? I plan to take 1 or 2 tablets a day
  3. i also peel in the same region and I'm 8 months in to differin. what works for me is using it every other day, cooler showers and apply a moisturiser after applying differin. I might get a little more spots by reducing the frequency but personally it's better than a peely face and surely all that peeling can't be good for your skin
  4. that orange peel phase... I started using differin in april this year every night, all started off great, smoother skin, fewer breakout nice even skin BUT i was crazy oil. then around about 3 month mark i ended up with huge pores and some of them kind of connected together and made large indents, I freaked out start searching the internent for soloutions changing cleansers etc. Like u said majoirty of people that get it stopped treatment but i came across a post on theses forums where a guy sai
  5. Hey i'm using differin, a similiar things has happened to me twice. I assume it's the differin spreading further down my neck, I find my neck's a lot more sensitive and i end up with red rough itchy patches. Could also be because I dont apply moisturiser or SPF on my neck. I just actively avoid getting differin anywhere near that area and use a nice thick moisturiser twice a day and it normally heals up after a couple of days.
  6. partially true, isopropyl myristate is rated a 5, and forms the standards for comparison of comedogenic ingredients. it's fair to say a rabbit's ear isn't the best model however given our acne affects us enough to be on a site based around acne treatment, it makes sense to avoid those ingredients that research caims to be highly comedogenic. by the way they're not as rare as you might think i'm just giving Garrett some advice based on my own experience to help him find what works for him
  7. been there too, It's one of them weird things you can't really find a definate answer to online.
  8. mate check the ingredients of the cream, I've heard it contains isopropyl myristate or some similair ingredient which is comedogenic (clogs pores). Gel's better for acne and cream's better for anti aging in my opinion.
  9. I remember back in high school this girl i was with, she had quite a bit of acne. honestly I didn't even care, this is considering I've never had trouble getting a girl (not being big headed ). The thing is though there was others who were like why's he with her etc. I guess it's down to individuals, some people are shallow some ain't. Maybe it's a good opportunity to find out which of the two your boyfriend is. like you said it's more relaxing and stress free without make up so why would you
  10. my routines: morning wash with Australian bodycare facial gel then put on menscience sunscreen night wash with same cleanser, apply differin, wait 10 minutes apply proactiv green tea moisturizer. It's simple, the tea tree oil kills bacteria and Differin works on comedones. It's all non comedogenic. it also helps to know i'm hitting all the factors, so *uck it if i still get a spot.
  11. hey try to stick in there . I have to admit Differin alone didn't clear me up, I think once your skins adjusted you should add in something else. The studies done on retinoids and acne show an improvement not complete clearing so we shouldn't expect to be completley clear by using retinoids alone (dunno what spiro is). I'm using australian bodycare tea tree oil facial gel which i think is the missing link. fingers crossed it is and you also find a routine that keeps you clear. it's all trial
  12. The best tea tree stuff i've found is austrlain bodycare skin wash and thier facial cleansing gel. Blue bottles, the red one wasn't as affective.
  13. yeah i used tea tree oil as an alterantive, and now i'm on differin
  14. Benzoyl peroxide generates free radicals, this interferes with your skins healing mechanisms and prolongs red marks, I used BP for about 6 months n i had marks but a month after stopping they were gone. like the other dude said try retin a/Differin, they help with red marks however they also increase sun sensitivity so if your not adequetly protected than the marks will just last longer from repeated sun exposure.
  15. Lol normal in sense of purging with a retinoid. For me it started working from day one but i had my ib around week 8, still not fully recovered from it but that's because I've been foolishly trying different cleansers n moisturisers trying to find the magic combo. A basic routine works best, anything harsh just increases your chanees of inflammation and hence breakouts.