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  1. The regimen is effective. I had been using benzoyl peroxide for a while prior to starting and the results from the regimen here were far more effective. I was actually a little amazed by the results. I have consciously been being gentle on my skin and avoid touching the face and I believe that has been key. I only had mild or moderate acne to start but it all cleared up in 15 days. The downside is that the bp dried the hell outta my face and made it look tan. If you've got active acne, especiall
  2. The b.p cleared my active acne in about two weeks. Now I am just cleanse/moisturizing and plan on occasional aha use every other night or so to help the red marks, and I have the b.p set aside for spot treatment. If you intend to continue using bp daily, then they recommend waiting to start using aha around week 5 or 6 because your skin needs to be adjusted to the bp first.
  3. I've been on the regimen using the acne.org products for two weeks. When I started, I didn't really have the typical legions of pimples, cysts, I just had a face of red, bumpy, damaged skin after having spent a few years using 10% benzoyl peroxide and being really harsh on it with soap/washclothes/picking/touching face. Well these new products and being gentle have really helped my skin find its balance. But now where they have fixed one problem, they've created another. My face is discolore