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  1. Hello! I am curious as to how long after you stopped taking Accutane your acne returned. I have been off Accutane for almost a year and it has been like a miracle for me! I don't want to get too excited though because many people seem to say their acne comes back. Curious how long you stayed clear before it came back.
  2. Thank you! & woohoo! Good luck!! It's not easy, but it's soooo woth it )
  3. So it's been about 6 months after Accutane, and I've had ONE pimple. I got it on my chin right where I had been leaning on it with my hand for weeks so I'm pretty sure that was what brought it out. But it was VERY small and went away very quickly. I honestly can't believe that my skin is so clear it's not even something I think about anymore (which is crazy since I used to think about it constantly, it made me miserable and self conscious and I always struggled). Now I'm just out and about l
  4. Thank you!!! I can't even explain how terrible it was when I started (I don't even have pics because I was so miserable I couldn't bear to document it). Good luck to you! What kind of regimen are you going on?
  5. Yep. I had the same exact thing. My arms were the worst. Nothing really helped, but it did stop after a while. I only had that problem the first maybe 2 months. By month 3 I stopped itching. Hang in there!
  6. Okay! So it's been almost 2 and a half weeks since I took my last pill, and I'm sooo relieved to be finished! My face is still as clear as it was when I was on it (I'm still waiting for the redness to go away though... might have to call the derm if it doesn't clear up soon) and I must say it's terrifying to think I might break out again (although I'm trying not to think that way). I'm still doing everything the same... wash with moisturizing CeraVe in the morning and at night, the only thing
  7. Haha the hair thing seems to be the only positive thing people can say (well other than clear skin lol) but yes, I will def miss that too, but I think it will be worth it to no longer have sore joints and dry lips, ugh. Well good luck! hopefully both us will feel normal soon and our skin will be clear foreverrr! )
  8. Thank you!! Congrats to you too!! How are you doing since stopping? Did you start feeling better (side effect wise) immediately? I was on for 5 months... it felt like 5 years lol.
  9. GAH!! I'm starting to lose it. I have ONE week left and it CANT come soon enough!! I can't concentrate, my whole body aches, and I'm SUPER dry. I honestly think I was lucky starting during the summer... I wasn't very dry at all and my lips were totally manageable. Now all of a sudden the winter and cold temps are here and I'm Soooo beyond dry. I just want to start feeling normal again. I'm also praying that I don't relapse because I don't think I could do it again. That being said... my s
  10. UGH I know! You guys are so right... it's just been SO tough. Only 7 more days!!!!!!
  11. FINALLY! I have only 15 days left and they can't come soon enough! As for my face... it looks good. I can't say theres TOO much change from the last picture I posted... I'm clear (no actives) and smooth, but I still have redness, which I'm hoping will go away once I'm finished and start using my Retin-A (which I was told to start 2 weeks after I take my last pill). At this point, I'm sore, I'm achey, I'm tired, I'm dry, and I can't wait for it to be over. If my face stays clear then I will
  12. Same here. Upper lip and nose... although it only just started to happen often (before it was very rare) and I noticed it happens less when I'm wearing face make-up (sorry guys) other than that I haven't figured out any way to get it to stop.
  13. seriously? For the scars or the redness (or both)?
  14. Oddly enough, my pores seem to have gotten bigger :-/ & I never had a huge issue with blackheads, but the few I always did have (on an around my nose) have all gone away )
  15. Well wow... day 103... feels like only yesterday I was a nervous pervous about starting this crazy medicine. At this point, I'm pretty much done (mentally) and can't wait for my final month (which should be next month). At the start of this current month/end of last month I started to get REALLY tired. My doc said that's a "typical" side-effect so I stuck it out and I must say, it's gotten much better. At this point my biggest compliants are my dry lips, and the fact that I haven't been exce