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  1. Bayron93

    Day 17

    Well lucky you, i guess since i do soccer my back hurts everyday. And haha yeah i understand, i mean it gets kind of bad for me though; since I'm a guy I'm constantly losing my chapstick and my lips are always peeling. Yeah i didn't believe it when i read it, but that morning i found out it was true.
  2. Bayron93

    Day 17

    Well side effects are not so bad, just normal back pain but i can cope with it. The dryness can get a little irritating mainly my lips! But today though i did experience something different; when i woke up my nose got a little runny, so i decided to tap it, and as i did blood started to come up, in total this happen three times today so right now if i were to tap my nose it would most definitely bleed. Thanks, i hope the same for you!
  3. Man, i totally understand you i was scared, when they told me all that stuff as well. Mainly because i play soccer a lot, and i was scared as well of the joint and depression, but well now im on my 13th day. I can tell you that you do feel beating up, after you have a game, and really tired but if your an athlete then your body should be able to withstand the pressure. As far as the depression goes, to be honest it hasnt affected me mentally in anyway so far. Taking the first pill was the sc
  4. Bayron93

    Day 17

    Im currently on my 13th day, with 60mg a day(30mg in the morning and 30mg in the evening) and i do agree that pimples go away much faster. Also, you said that one cheek is looking better, well same story goes for me, my left cheek is been clearing up faster, while my right has somewhat become worst. well good luck with, your process ill try to keep up with you and see if things go the same way for us. -Bayron