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  1. Use seslun blue. It never breaks me out and it prevents dandruff.
  2. It is so hard to find a good moisturizer today. I was shopping for some toothpaste in Giant. While walking up the isle, I noticed a product called SuperG Baby Oil Gel (Johnson & Johnson makes the same product). What drew me to it was that is claimed to be mild and hypoallergenic + it contains aloe and vitamin E and mineral oil. It was only $2 and some some change, so why the hell not. It has turned out to be the best product I have bought in a while. Mineral oil supposedly has a bad wr
  3. My mom keeps asking me why dont I got out more. My dad is ok with it. I think he understands more. But, if my mom tells me one more time that I will grow out of it....I am going to F#%$#ing scream!!!
  4. Same here. I was scared to go to the derm because of my skin. The first visit, there was 4 people in the waiting room and they had near perfect skin. I wonder why they were there. On top of that, the receptionist is so damn gorgeous, I can't bear to look at her. I now get my appointments later in the day because most people at that office get theirs in the morning.
  5. I won't drop the class. I will just suffer through it and get my work done. Im still not taking that damn picture though.
  6. Well, I didnt take the picture. My group just had to take the pictures in front of the whole class. Then, whats even worse is that the teacher called me up in front of the class while they were taking pictures and started asking me in front of the whole class why I didnt want to take the picture. I was so damn mad, I started to walk out of the class but a dude from my group grabed my arm and asked me to stay and talk to them. Are they completely clueless on why I dont want to take a picture.
  7. I am just going to say im not going to take the damn picture. No explanation will be given. I have not taken a picture since 9th grade. I am now in my 2nd year of college. When I finally look half decent, I don't want any record of me looking like I did.
  8. I don't post much, but I read damn near every thread on this board and I am so glad that I am not the only one who has had his life and his essence crushed (not a strong enough word) by this skin problem of mine. I am in a group in my systems analysis class. We have to do a group project and the teacher gives us these example notebooks that previous classes have done. So basically my group is going to model the example notebook we got. Anyway, we are looking open the notebook and I notice
  9. I read in another post that high doses of vitamin c can help even out your skin tone. Is this true? The person that posted the topic said that he was taking 3000mg a day and it helped to even out his skin tone. Has anyone ever heard or tried this?
  10. I finally can control my breakouts. The problem is, I have so so so many brown spots, its ridiculous. I just started using vita k for blotchy skin 3 days ago. I also bought this product called Fair & White LAIT AHA-2. It is made in France. It is supposed to inhibit the color in your skin. It has sodium lactate 10% and lactic acid 1%. Can I use this product with salicylic acid? I wanted to try hydroquinone but I cannot use it with salicylic acid, which I need so I wont break out. Als