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  1. I sincerely would not recommend microdermabrasion to anyone with an ongoing acne, its just to much friction on the skin! However if u crush up a few asprin and put it on like a mask and remove it gently it works a treat at removing any dead skin cells. And its cheap as chips!!
  2. I've been using Estee Lauder double wear foundation for a good while now, its really light on the face and doesn't cake or clog, it also lasts for months too! I've tried a whole host of other foundations, Clarins, Mac, Bare minerals etc but the double wear is the one that suits me best, it is expensive so maybe ask at the cosmetic's counter for a little tester to try before u buy.
  3. I presume because I'm on a slightly higher dose I saw results quicker. Then again every body is different. I've been on 30mg since I started, have an appointment with my derm Monday. I think the dosage will be increased to 60mg so I'm prepared for extra dryness on my lips, seems to be the only side effect I'm having, wont complain to much about that though.
  4. I'll second this for sure! So beautiful also... If all of us think it, u better start believing it! x
  5. Yeah I'm thirsty when I wake, might sound weird but I'm kinda used to swinging from a bottle of water when I wake! Make sure the chapsticks are medicated, just helps keeps the lips in proper condition
  6. I only seem to go red in the face after I wash and moisturise, it goes away after 15-20 minutes though, guess I'm just lucky..
  7. Choo-Choo I've already got my ticket and I'm enjoying the ride! I take my accutane at night about half an hour before I go to bed, just to combat any side effects i may feel, although there is no escape from the dry chapped bottom lip and uncontrollable thirst! Be sure to stock up on the lip care products
  8. I have estee lauder and benefit blushers, I find them really light and they dont cake my cheeks. I had a clarins duo blusher, I wouldn't recommend it though as it used to clog the pore's on my cheeks... Hope this helps
  9. I was on topicals and numerous antibiotics, some of them for six months at a time, waste of effort if u ask me! I think the doctors/derms will exhaust every avenue before ultimately dishing out accutane. I'm disgusted I wasn't put on it as a teenager. But never the less, between using the regimen (without bp), asprin and accutane my skin is lookin pretty darn good! So maybe give it a go
  10. Salicylic acid (asprin) all the way.. It fizzes into the pore's flushing out the unwanted! Its very drying on the skin so limit the usage to 2-3 times per week. I'll also add I spent way too much money on proactiv (active ingredient: salicylic acid) then i found this site and a post on salicylic acid and hey presto, i tried it and it frickin worked!! Its so cheap too. And ur defo right not wanting to use bp etc, i didnt and I'm doin ok without it. Every person is different, so I guess u
  11. Have you tried CortiBalm on your lips? Mine cracked and bled a little at first, but that stopped once I started CortiBalm. Now my lips look better than they did before treatment! Hey soundofhope, I've never seen it in the chemist before, ill google it and see if its available in ireland, thank u
  12. Ok so its good to know that it'll more than likely be more dryness as opposed to god knows what, wont be over the moon if i break out with every increase but if it helps in the long run... Doing a 6 month course too, finish up in may and for once I'm not wishing time away. I'm not completely clear yet but I'm really enjoying the results so far and I've even had positive compliments! Deciding on accutane has really been beneficial
  13. Have you thought of trying blue light? Some people's acne responds to the blue light wave omitted by sunlight which can clear up their acne. I tried this but it sadly didn't work for me but then again my acne is cystic and quite frankly a nightmare, but this could be promising for you! http://www.lustrepurelight.com/ Hmm, I'll keep that in mind and give it a go if my next few attempts at things don't work. Thanks! Thank you. Definitely going to give this a go. Well, there was a little bit of