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  1. Welcome to the forums! I know it can be scary, but just hang in there and remember it will get better! I also did a five month course with 40mg a day and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I got through it and you will too! And just think, in a matter of months, you'll have flawless skin! :)
  2. Hi! Welcome to the forums! And I want to say good luck on your course! It will likely be a rough journey with the side effects and whatnot, but it will be worth it in the end. The main thing to be prepared for is dryness. This will be the most apparent side effect. You're going to want to make sure you keep your skin and your lips moisturized. Here in the States, a lot of us use Aquaphor on the lips to help with the dryness. It works wonders. I'm not sure what country you're in, but definitely
  3. Hi! First off, congrats on finishing your course! It's such an amazing feeling to finally be done, but I completely understand your paranoia. I'm still paranoid about my acne coming back and I've been off Accutane for over a year now. Some dermatologists prescribe a prescription topical treatment to use after Accutane, but mine didn't. He didn't think I would need it. But I kind of got into some poor eating habits three months after I finished my course, which resulted in a lot of minor breakout
  4. One Year Post-'Tane I cannot believe that it was exactly one year ago today that I took my last Accutane pills. Crazy! And there's no better way to celebrate than with a few zits! I have what I think is my first cystic zit since 'Tane. (Can't remember having any since then.) And I've got a random bump on my right cheek and a lovely zit in between my eyebrows. Perhaps it's due to my poor eating habits these past few weeks, but my Epiduo doesn't seem to have any impact on them. Epiduo does, h
  5. 336 Days Post-'Tane Just sitting at work and happened to think to myself how in about a month, it'll be one year since I finished Accutane. Time FLIES. But seriously, nothing but good things have come from taking Accutane for me. So, I just wanted to say that I'm still clear and loving my skin! Hope you all are doing well! And here is an updated photo that I took on Sunday (my birthday!)...
  6. I actually really like Epiduo. I was scared to use it at first because I was afraid it would make my skin worse before it got better. (I got a lot of minor acne breakouts three months after Accutane.) However, Epiduo cleared up my breakouts immediately without drying my skin. And my skin never got worse after I started using it. I used Differin years ago, but I don't remember it clearing up my skin. I used it along with some benzoyl peroxide pads and the whole experience was terrible because it
  7. 277 Days Post-'Tane Today I decided I would add to my list of what I think have been pointless post-Accutane updates since they basically never change. I've had a few zits pop up here and there, but nothing major. For the most part, my skin has remained clear. I still use Epiduo all over my face every night. I have also gotten into the habit of using raw, unprocessed honey as a cleanser/mask on a regular basis since it is a natural anti-septic. If anyone is wondering, the honey I use is
  8. 206 Days Post-'Tane Saw my derm today for a check-up. My skin is doing just fine. Haven't had much acne since I started using Epiduo. Hooray! The only bad news is, he said I should wait a year before getting any tattoos. I read some stuff online saying six months after Accutane was okay, which means I could get something done now. I guess I'll wait though. It's going to be torture waiting till October though because I have one in need of touching up and another that I want to get done.
  9. I actually have considered it myself, but my dermatologist never seemed to think it was a hormonal issue, which is why it wasn't something I looked into further. I started taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen many years ago, which was supposed to help, but it never had any impact on my acne. I'll actually be seeing my derm next month and I will discuss with him what he thinks may be the cause. Fortunately, things are fine right now though. But I tend to get random flare-ups that don't seem to happen in any s
  10. Thanks! I've been applying the Epiduo to my cheeks and chin since they're my problem areas. I just haven't tried it on my nose or forehead. But it hasn't even been a week and it's been working great so far, which is a relief. I haven't had a single new zit pop up. Haven't felt so relieved since being on Accutane! I'm hoping since nothing new has popped up, maybe I'll avoid any purging with this stuff. That's the worst to go through! Have you used Epiduo?
  11. 172 Days Post-'Tane Figured I'd pop in to say that I picked up the prescriptions my derm sent to my pharmacy. He prescribed me a 10-day supply of Cephalexin, as well as Epiduo (as previously mentioned). I haven't taken the Cephalexin because I'm concerned it'll make my skin worse. I have been using the Epiduo, but only as a spot treatment at night, instead of all over my face. I just worry about the whole purging stage and I don't want to go from mild acne to a face full of zits by adding a
  12. 167 Days Post-'Tane While fresh lemon juice has certainly helped, I had to cut back on using it since it dried out spots my chin. That zit that was on my right cheek is still there, but a much smaller, red bump now. It won't budge otherwise. I've had a few small red bumps pop up within the last week and I have no idea what caused those. Too much sugar and dairy? Perhaps, but I don't know. I tried a homemade mask of organic milk, raw honey, and turmeric, which seemed to improve my skin. H
  13. I juiced the lemon the first time, but now I find it's easier just to cut a slice off the lemon every night and rub it all over my face. and you wash it then or you let it to be absorbed? thank you for the answer. i'll try it I've read reviews where people have said they wait like 15 minutes or so and wash it off, but I don't. My skin is super sensitive, so I thought it would be bothered by the lemon. But I haven't been washing it off and it's been fine! If you give it a try, I hope it works
  14. I juiced the lemon the first time, but now I find it's easier just to cut a slice off the lemon every night and rub it all over my face.
  15. 154 Days Post-'Tane Just wanted to say that I have been using fresh lemon juice on my face for a full week now and I have noticed such an improvement in the red marks that were left from my Accutane course. It's incredible how quickly lemon has worked. The red marks aren't completely gone, but they are about 90% gone. Plus, it's nice to have less spots to cover with concealer in the morning! And that big zit that was on my cheek? Finally on its way out. Thank God.