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  1. Hey guys, i finished accutane today, i was on it for 60 days = 3 months i took 80mg's per day 40mgs when i woke up 40mgs before going to sleep my skin is very clear right now, i had severe acne before i started and the only major symptoms i ever had while on accutane were: 1. dry skin 2. dry lips 3. dry arms 4. dry feet 5. feet peeled 6. easily sunburnt (and im indian....i have never sunburned before in my life) 7. skin stayed red, and is still red 8. when i would go w
  2. Hey guys! ive been doing the acne.org regimen for exactly 11 days! and i swear my skin has gotten pretty good! not perfectly clear! i still have the redness and more whiteheads than before! my friend that hangs out with all the time and has seen my bad acne and how bad my face was, sat down beside me in chorus and looked at my face and said....."woah...what have you been using?!" and i told him that i found this website! and then my other friend asked me what ive been using bcuz it looks bett
  3. Im startying the Regime for the first time tonight. and im using: 1. Cetaphil cleanser bar, 2. Neutrogena on-the-spot 2.5% benzoil peroxide, and 3. Cetaphil ultra advance lotion. i have really dry, and irritated skin, most of my acne/blemishes are on my cheek. my forehead stays pretty clear. and my nose gets a few blemishes often. but my cheeks are killing my face!!!! ive hated when i look in the mirror and when i look in the mirror....ive sometimes felt like ripping my cheeks off!
  4. are you on the acne.org regime?!