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  1. You may breakout a little bit before it gets better- but it definitely won't be as bad as quitting entirely or allowing the irritation to continue. I know it sucks but hopefully things will turn around for you soon!
  2. I was using a moisturizer with salicylic acid and I found it really irritating in conjunction with the BP (and my occasional application of AHA). My skin got very red and extremely dry which made me breakout a little. Using a cleanser might be different because you wash it off, but I'd watch out for any redness or irritation. Just to say, a few month ago I started getting little bumps on my forehead and someone suggested using a product with retinol. I'm not entirely sure why retinol would work,
  3. AHA+ has worked for a lot of people, but I would advise you proceed with caution! I have olive skin and I'm incredibly prone to marks. I used AHA as soon as I could and it really irritated my skin. Use it sparingly at first, and maybe try cutting it with some moisturizer to begin with to avoid irritation (especially since you're 2 weeks in!). Are you using the concealer with salicylic acid? I know for some people BP and salycilic acid and AHA would be too irritating a combination, but if you're
  4. I'm sorry to hear that! If it's any consolation, it took me about four months to get totally clear and now I've been clear for a year. It was a slow process, and sometimes it's a lot of effort, but I'm glad I stuck with it! Also I've found AHA+ actually irritates my skin more, are you using that? Either way, I hope your skin heals soon
  5. I would reduce the amount of BP you're using. Go back to using a very small amount, and when your skin settles, try and work your way back up to the two pumps. Dan's instructions are just a guideline, everyone's skin is different! Back when I started the regimen, it took me about two months to comfortably use two pumps. The redness and burning is pretty normal, BP can be quite irritating. Make sure you're being really gentle, keep using the jojoba oil and don't touch your skin! If this doesn't
  6. Redness is pretty normal at this stage in the regimen. But I agree with nycqueen's comment, make sure you're using the correctly low amount because too much will irritate! Also make sure you're treating your skin as gently as you can. I've been on the regimen for like a year now but redness came back a few months ago, and when I started to go through all the possible triggers I realized I was just washing a little too hard and rubbing the BP in instead of gliding with it. Good luck
  7. First of all, congrats on clearing up! Just to mention don't get discouraged if a bit of acne comes back in a few weeks because the first few weeks are always a bit up and down. Hopefully you're clear for good now though! As for the scars, time and patience is probably your best friend as far as they're concerned. AHA+ does work well, but in moderation and with low expectations (it won't fade your scars in 2 days!). I also find lemon juice is really effective and reduces redness. I'd recommend
  8. I think if you're looking for a foolproof way of getting clear then you should probably stick to the 3 products; at least for the first few months. When I started the regimen, after a few weeks I realized I was constantly ordering new moisturizer for my stupidly dry skin and the expenses from shipping were stacking up unnecessarily. So I switched to a drugstore Olay moisturizer (that was well reviewed on these boards) and that worked fine for me. But this was after my initial purging stage
  9. Yeah you guys are so right. I think many people assume that once they get rid of their acne, all their insecurities and other problems will evaporate too. I think coming to terms with the fact that you no longer have something so obvious to blame all your problems on is the worst part of this; because rather than enjoying the clarity you start looking for other imperfections to hold accountable for whatever issues you have.
  10. It was mostly my fault, it was a 40% peel done at home by an inexperienced me...not a good combination. I knew that even before when I used 10% AHA my skin would react badly but somehow thought I'd be immune to 40%...it's my superman complex that makes me think I'm invincible ahah But in all seriousness if you've had such a low percentage administered by a professional it should be okay. Just keep an eye on it and see if it starts to fade in a day or two (which it should)
  11. Happy to help and if you had the peel today then the redness is perfectly normal! The redness should subside in 1 or 2 days (or longer if the percentage is stronger). And nah, the peels weren't so effective for me. They irritated my supersensitive skin and now my face is really thin and red. However, I have really sensitive skin so hopefully you'll be fine!
  12. I've never personally used them on my face so I don't have much experience; however my sister is a trained chef and I know she can make a year's worth of onion soup without shedding a tear. So I do believe there is immunity to be found!
  13. Have you noticed any other changes in your skin? Any moles that have changed colour or shape? Any crusting or bleeding? These are only a few symptoms related to some types of cancer. Keep an eye on your skin for the next few days for any abnormalities. Skin cancer should not be your primary diagnosis (as in, don't jump to conclusions and start panicking!) but if you think there's a chance then there's no harm in going to the doc to get it checked out and get some peace of mind. I have similar so
  14. When I used ACV a number of people told me I smelt of vinegar, and I was diluting it. There's a good chance that you may smell like onion but it's probably best to ask someone who can actually smell you. I hope someone hurries up and invents virtual smells, that would be cool.
  15. 1) Some people can't tolerate any percentage of glycolic acid, myself included. I have very sensitive skin and the few peels that I've had were very painful (and also counterproductive as they left my skin very red). However, from what I've been told burning is quite common for peels especially if it was your first time- so wait and see if the peel is helpful and if it doesn't negatively affect your skin then I guess it's safe to assume that the burning was just the peel doing its job! 2) I'v