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  1. it made me break out in under the skin huge bumps and cysts. It was really painful to touch and my face just looked so lumpy. They would also take a long time to heal if they were popped. I actually didnt test for gluten at first, i just cut it out of my diet, when i finally did test my allergy was so small. But i guess it was enough to effect me in that way.
  2. dont worry, a few months ago i went camping, and though my skin is clear now, it was TERRIBLE then. I mean my entire face was broken out. I love camping, i used to look forward to going and not wearing makeup and staying in sweatpants all day. But this time I was so embarrassed. There was two other girls with us and they had perfect skin and walked around looking beautiful, while i was in the bathroom for an hour every morning caking on the makeup which i knew was going to look horrible in natur
  3. I know i've mentioned this before, but if you eat alot of pasta and you're getting breakouts it's more than likel;y an intolerance to gluten. Since i've cut it out of my diet look at my gallery. I have absolutely no zits on my face. It's crazy. you should just try to cut it out for 2 weeks. You can actually buy really good corn starch pasta at any grocery store and you can get gluten free bread too, although it's not the best i will admit. Good Luck!
  4. It's been a long while since i last posted but that's because there hasn't been much to report. My skin hasn't had any breakouts except for around that time of the month i maybe get one. I have long since stopped doing the regimen other than to spot treat with BP. So far still using cetaphil cleanser and lotion and ACV as a toner but i've added in retina at night to help with the scarring. It has helped loads. My skin was so bad i never thought it could look like this again, but don't lose hope.
  5. Too true, and thanks guys: You put it perfectly Paul, I'm so glad that i've finally taken control. I remember telling my doctor that if he could just figure out what was causing my acne i would do ANYTHING. That frustration of all the trial and error and things just getting worse is a terrible feeling. I do let myself have something with gluten in it once a week but i've found that beer is the WORST. I could probably eat a loaf of bread and be better of than having one beer. But i do cheat once
  6. So I've been Gluten Free for about 2 months now, i think This is the clearest my skin has been in over a year. The only thing i miss is the Guiness Here's my new regimen a.m./p.m. regimen- wash with Cetaphil cleanser tone with Apple Cider Vinegar apply benzoyl peroxide moisturize with Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream Currently taking: Womens multivitamin Biotin (for hair) Zinc (for hair and skin) Calcium Magnesium (to help the biotin) apple cider vinegar (1 tsp. in 1 cup water) 3X dai
  7. Use apple cider viegar for those red marks. I completely cleared my skin going gluten free after accutane made my hair start to thin. It's been 1 1/2 months and not a zit on my face for the last 3 weeks. But I had a TON of red spots everywhere and so 2 weeks ago i started using a apple cider vinegar toner (half unfiltered vinegar/ half water) after i wash my face before putting on lotion and my red marks are almost gone. IN TWO WEEKS! I also drink a teaspoon of it twice a day in one cup of water
  8. No I tried dans products but they didn't work for my skin. I do the regimen but I use cetaphil extra gentle cleanser and their moisturizing cream and the nuetrogeana on the spot acne treatment. It's cheaper to just buy fans benzoyl treatment though because it lasts way longer, I go thru a tube of nuetrogeana every 4 days and at 7 bucks a pop it gets expensive. I thought going gluten free would be hard too but actually you only really cut wheat out of your diet. I mostly just eat meat and veggies
  9. hey I've been following your posts and I want you to look at my newest pictures in my gallery and the pictures i took 3 months ago when i found this site. My acne was really bad, under the skin and painful. my son is 2 and when he would accidentally bump my face sometimes i'd almost cry because it hurt so bad. I went on accutane but after a month and a half my hair started falling out. So I stopped taking that and started the regimen. I also decided to try going gluten free b/c i heard that if y
  10. So I've noticed a huge difference, like unbelievable difference with the regimen and being gluten free. I've been doing the regimen for a month now, maybe a little longer and i've been gluten free for almost 3 weeks. Holy cow it's amazing. I have a ton of red marks on my face right now but only 2 pimples and they are going away so fast. Gone are the days of my under the skin painful cystic acne. I cannot begin to describe my relief but also frustration. I asked my doctor if i could do a food all
  11. Yeah I was doing the regimen too and still am. I have seen more results with the regimen I think. I am using nioxin shampoo so hopefully that will help.
  12. so I've been off accutane for 18 days now and the hair thinning continues. My skin is slowly getting better and better with the regimen but now i just feel really self conscious about my hair. I'm writing this as a warning for people who are taking or considering taking accutane. I specifically asked my doctor about this side effect. I had read some reviews where people had this happen. His words: "i have prescribed this medicine to hundreds of patients and have only seen this side effect a coup
  13. Im really glad it's working for you, your skin is looking better and better
  14. So sadly I had to stop accutane a few days ago because my hair was thinning so badly. Fortunately my hair seems like the thinning has slowed alot so hopefully that's the end of that. I've noticed my acne has started to come back a little, especially on my right side. I Stopped taking my birth control pills too now because they make me gain weight so i don't know if its that or the accutane that's making me break out. ( Oh well, what can you do? I'm trying to look into going gluten free, I've ask