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  1. Hey, Just give the dianette a little more time. I used to take it for severe acne, and personally it did nothing for me so I was put on accutane for 5 months --my skin was amazing afterwards and no scars. However I have some friends who took dianette and it did wonders for their skin, it all depends on the person and your genetic makeup - my acne was very stubborn but I kicked it in the butt eventually. Don't lose hope, there are alternatives if the dianette doesn't work for you. Acn
  2. Hey again, yeah I'm on my second course of accutane. I was clear for 4 years after first course, then it came back very mild so derm put me back on it. Its not common to need a second course but I had very severe acne. Ye the sunscreen is very important. Treat your skin like it's baby skin...
  3. Vaseline for your lips....they will get really really dry. Use a very light, simple moisturiser on the face, nothing fancy......I used E45 cream. Aveeno range is another tried and tested one. Be very careful with your skin whilst taking roaccutane, it becomes very fragile, so sqeezing spots hard is a big no-no (skin can rip off easily - no waxing), as is having too much sun. Don't be surprised if red marks from old spots are there longer whilst on treatment...its the way the drug changes t
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    Just hold on for 2-3 months before you see the effects. In 5 months time you'll never remember having acne. Trust me, its a slow process, but accutane works. Best thing to do, and I know it's hard, but focus your thoughts on other things while you are on accutane, dont even look at your skin much and it will slowly go away. My face urrupted for the first 2 months....acne worse than I ever had before. But it cured it.... You are on the best treatment available for acne, Rome wasn't built in