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  1. That is great news!! If it is not a scam. A drug that works internally, hydrogel, recell, stem cell, acell, etc. Scareless healing is a matter of time, not possibility!!!!
  2. Avita Recell is doing a huge research on burn / hypertrophic / dyspigmented scars. I have no idea when the results will be published, it could take up to 6 months. If it is proven effective, this could be the best treatment available today. http://www.news-medical.net/news/20120516/Avita-commences-enrollment-in-ReCell-study-for-hypertrophic-dyspigmented-scars.aspx
  3. i am feeling stoned and happy, great hasj. What was the question? No it started really bad, I didn't dare to get out of the house and watched apocolypse now and felt like the end character. (such a positive movie) Then I ordered pizza and smoked hasj with valium to forget about acne and scars and watched this crazy movie that just made me laugh while it is supossed to be serious and then I ate ice cream and was happy for a few hours. Now I am going to get some sleep and dream of
  4. Whenever in panic or stress, listen to this. (It works for me so I thought I would share)
  5. I don't understand why all the BS. If someone could contact Gerecht in a professional manner we would know more and maybe get more involved. I would be great to have a genuine scientist on this topic. Anyway this forum is so large it could use a psychologist, a dermatologist, a skin surgeon etc. If I where a student in one of these, i would use this topix just to help some folk, inform even as a training. Kind of sick of all this waiting. I hope Recell brings some great results or els
  6. I have exactly the same problem, almost in every way. The only thing that works is an adult relationship where she takes you for your personality and lookes besides the scars. You are almost going 30, from that age it shouldn't be the looks. Think about all the imperfect people, my next door neighbour has terrible scarring and a beautifull girl. I am also just going to date in daylight, if it fails then so be it and you can look on. We can't hide forever and should look for personality. You sh
  7. I don't know, someone should contact her. My english isn't good enough for decent contact. That she has asked a patent says something of the trust she has in the product.
  8. Any update on Gerecht hydrogel? Last time I remember they had problems with funding, seems stange after the whole hype all over the news. (did the mouse die or turn into a vampire)
  9. I would not call someone suffering with scarring because of a skin condition a loser.
  10. Thanks All the boat references reminds me of a song from the waterboys.
  11. Although I can understand your depressed feelings about this, You are actually very nice looking even with scars. Nowhere near ugly as you describe, that is a fact. I am not coping that great myself and a lot of people are suffering from this mentally. Obagi peel isn't going to do it, cosmetic derm can give very unrealistic promises. You should go with LZOMG advice.
  12. Thank you! Welcome to this forum and a very nice post. 1. Understand the fact that there ARE many many shallow, narcissistic, egotistical, cruel people and girls in the world who will judge and criticse people for their appearance and ugliness, but ALSO realise that there are people in the world who are like me and many others who don't value appearance, superiority, vanity and cruelty. To be happy, find these people, and become these people aswell. This is actually a good tip, because it is
  13. I am having a very bad day, feel deeply failed, scarred. Yesterday I took a picture of myself, I had such depressing eyes. They where almost closed. Then the flash light of the camera went on and my whole face is covered with scars. Besides scars on my face, I have scars on my whole body. I prefer to shower in the dark. I haven't had a good day in 6 years. I stopped my study and sometimes I have a hard time getting out of my house and do shopping. I feel emotionally tortured from all the days /
  14. Depends what county you live in.... In the Netherlands it is covered if my dermatologist finds it necessary. This is how I am trying to get my Recell treatment covered. You should call your health insurence.
  15. You can already get the full article if you navigate to the first link under the "link to - more resources" link. By the way, correct me if I'm wrong but, this hydrogel seems to be a different hydrogel than the one mentioned in the previous articles. This quote is taken from the full article: "In this study, the hydrogel made from the blended materials of sodium alginate and gelatin was prepared and characterized" Thanks I know it is a different hydrogel. At the moment I have read of
  16. New article found on pubmed http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/22687479 Results of this study provided evidence for the alginate-gelatin hydrogel as efficient carrier for the topical delivery of bioactive molecules to the injured site. The astragaloside IV releasing hydrogel was shown a promising therapeutic formulation for wound healing, as well as its regenerative feature and underlying mechanism contribute to the skin regeneration were disclaimed. (the full article is still in proce
  17. I can advice to go out running in the evening. It has helped me to stay out of deep depression and only takes an half hour. After that maybe you can make a treatment plan for your scarring and save the money over the months / years. You could look into recell and co2 laser for your skin color, some people have had great results.
  18. Your story is very simulair to mine, also had a bad youth from the age of 15 and I believe stress has caused most of my acne and picking. I try to hang in there and treatment for scarring is getting better every year. A day might come that all those scars are gone. Hope you find good treatment and a happy life.
  19. You order pizza instead of going to the shop. Don't dare to go to the barber because of bad lightning. Come late for school because of the mirror Take valium to calm you down. When you are crying on the phone. When you can't recognise yourself anymore. When you can't be who you want to be. When you start to envy the people dying When you try to handle it psychologicaly only to further complicate the maze. When you slip back into the same carousel of thoughts again When months turn i
  20. Amazingly depressed, worst day of the year. I feel mutelated, defeated, destructive, depressed. hopeless. Scarred all over my body, I wanted to go swimming for the first time in two years. I couldn't do it. A girlfriend is coming by, I can't even face her when going to the beach. I don't feel like me, like my life was over when I got scarred. Scars on my face and over my whole body. I feel mentally tortured. Maybe I'll be alright in a few days.
  21. I am having a really bad day myself. I feel mutelated over my whole body. And I am not far off. I have scars everywhere including my face, like I have been totured or something. I am sooo sick of it!!!! Everything else in my lfe is going great, it is only that I am scarred. I would have had a great life, I am missing so much. Could have ha a soul partner by now. So yeah i feel sorry for you and anyone having to go trough this. I hope you can get yourself together and go out sporting. There are
  22. Something nice to read http://www.scientiareview.org/pdfs/240.pdf