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    ****************My Regimen
    Wash with basic cleanser, salicylic acid or BP to remove makeup and top layer of junk.
    Rinse with warm water for 5 minutes to open pores.
    Lightly dry and use Aloe un-clogging method.
    Wash with Aloe/ACV treatment
    Leave on application of Aloe/ACV
    Just PM: Apply and leave on basic calamine lotion to T-Zone and sleep.

    Wake up late, become joyful with clear face, and be able to sprint out the door to work, without worry or unnecessary makeup. :)
  1. Calamine lotion, testing 1,2,3...

  2. mina_606: No, not a thick gel. You essentially want to get the purest form of aloe, that is still in gel form (fully pure is drinkable-thin, don't want this), but its not going to be very thick. Goes on like a moisturizer, and dries slightly stiff. Drying a little stiff is important, for that means it has grabbed onto everything. Plus, too thick of a gel will flake off, rather than soak in and absorb. Aloe 80 is a great brand... Also, the newest thing I've added which you may want to try,
  3. Been a viewer of these forums for ages, mostly sucking in the info and rarely having time to put any out, but accidentally discovered something that it would be a shame to not share. Now, warning, I am a story-teller... So if you want to read about how and why Aloe works to remove oil clogs and blackheads from your pores, read the story. But if you simply want the step-by-step process, just skip to the bottom For years I have been one of those "jojoba oil, grapeseed oil" users, in attemp