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  1. I have recently come to the conclusion that otc cleansers and toners and moisturizers, dont do well with my skin , i have tried quite a few , neutrogena, clean and clear , even cetaphil . After a trip to the derm , she had me using revison skin care cleanser, toner and moisturizer ,thy worked like no other but the prices were killing me -cleanser-20 dollars, toner-22, moisturizer-45.00.... so i decided it was too much money and it was putting the biggest dent in my purse, after a few months off
  2. Thats good new, gives me hope that there will be no IB, How often did you start off using it ? did your skin take a few months to adjust?
  3. can i expect to have a initial break out?
  4. Hello i am new to acne.org, ive joined hoping i can get some advice on the acne treatments that i am , or will be starting soon. Right now i am currently on Veltin Gel ( clindamycin phosphate 1.2 and 0.025 tretinoin) im not sure what to expect , ive been using it for a few days and my skin is already starting to peel and im getting little white heads that pop when i wash my face. Can anyone help me out?
  5. Adorn33

    makes acne smaller the first use cheap brings to head doesnt fully get rid of pimple dries white drying bleaches clothes and pillows I decided to buy this after my face broke out into very serious acne.... i picked it up for 8.00 at my local drug store. The first night i used it my face became very dry and peely , but i was happy that my pimples were shrinking but it left weird red pitted marks on my face..... After the 4th week of use all the pimples it had shrunk came
    Cleans skin Does not over dry light smell Very easy to use cool looking bottle keeps oil at bay great for acne prone skin a bit pricey I bought this cleanser after be given a coupon from the derm for it, after the first night i notices my skin felt better, it felt soft and smooth and clean but not overly dry, i also use the oil control moisturizer to go with it, greatest combo yet, has kept break outs away so far , the smell is very nice and it controls oil very wel
    Cleared huge zits in 3 day doesnt cause scarring no residue or film left behind tingles (so you know its working) itchy dries skin Before buying this product my face was kind of clear but i had a few pimples here and there, until that time of the month came around and i broke out really bad (Very big nodular pimples) , which can be very sad and depressing when you have a boyfriend. I was in such a hurry and i was so desperate to find something to clear it up , after seeing a