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  1. I can't personally offer any experience with any of those three products, but I did tend to use cleansers containing Salicylic acid as well. I started getting a lot of the same type of acne, the cystic stuff being the worst of course. I used Obagi Clenziderm's cleanser.If you want to try something different that's very cheap and simple but may work beautifully, I give charcoal soap my wholehearted recommendation. I actually was looking at the La Roche-Posay recently when I wanted to rethink my r
  2. Obviously a lot of us here can relate. It's an awful feeling, like you said, but it definitely can - and will - get better. It's only a matter of when, and what you have to do to get there. I personally wouldn't do anything drastic. It can be tempting, but I'm glad I didn't. I've seen friends turn to drastic measures and end up regretting the hell out of their decisions. What is your current anti-acne routine? What is your skin like (oily, dry, prone to what type of acne)? We can try to help
  3. Consider hyaluronic acid lotion to lock in moisture. You will still need a true "moisturizer", but the HA lotion will basically help to keep your skin hydrated. Apply it after cleansing your face and with your skin still very slightly damp. I personally use jojoba oil as a moisturizer and it doesn't sweat off me. Not sure if you've tried jojoba oil but it's certainly worth a shot.
  4. I would use something simple but gentle like charcoal soap and make sure to moisturize plenty and use sunscreen afterwards.
  5. Hmm... can't stay I agree it's because of "spoiled blood". Does that mean it's gone rancid?
  6. Just for the record, soap bars meant for the face are not drying/irritating like body soap bars are.
  7. I was using the same Purpose Cleanser for a little while and had a similar experience. Before that, I had used Clenziserm's Salicylic acid cleanser but that was a bit too harsh/drying. I have oily skin, by the way. The absolute best cleanser I have found is charcoal soap. It's been cleaning my skin a lot better than the Purpose, there's zero irritation, and it doesn't dry my skin out. Plus, it's probably even more economical. I've had acne for 10 years (since I was around 14) and I don't think
  8. I absolutely have hereditarily oily skin too. A few things I've noticed about my own case: -Trying to dry my face out too much makes it even worse. It's as if my skin fights back even harder and gets even oilier. For instance, if I wash my face with something drying at night and go to sleep, in the morning I look absolutely ridiculous. Like I've dipped my face in a bucket of oil. If I moisturize my face adequately, it's a lot more moderate in the morning. -In general as well, when I was u
  9. Never heard of a bleach bath before, but I'm glad it's working for you. Sounds a little spooky to me personally.
  10. Hey guys. I'm looking for a BB cream I can wear without fear of breakouts. I don't wear makeup on a daily basis so I was hoping I could just find a BB cream that would even out my skin tone and hide some blemishes, but it does seem that most of them are probably acne-causing for us prone to it. Are there any products out there that are generally accepted to he safe? I have oily skin. Thanks!
  11. I think DE is the best way to shave probably.
  12. Hey guys. So I first found acne.org several years back when I was in my late teens and started using the regimen. I've continued using it even up to this day. I use a good cleanser twice a day, followed by Neutrogena On-the-Spot BP, and then moisturize usually just with Elta MD Sunscreen (supposed to be fine for skin that's acne-prone). Following this system worked for the most part all the way through high school, but in recent months has gotten a lot worse. At first I thought it was the addi