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  1. It has been a little more than one day, I am doing okay so far. I picked one spot absentmindedly, but stopped when I caught myself. The longest I have ever gone without picking in the past is 3 or 4 days. Also, usually I totally give up after failing. My vow this time is to stick with it.
  2. 2012-07-12: I hereby pledge to stop picking at my face, back, and neck. In the past 3 months, my acne has improved a lot due to oral doxycycline. However, as fresh new pimples become more rare, the old scabs become more noticeable. I need to stop reopening these wounds, I need to let them heal. I have tried to swear off picking before, but this time is different, because I am going to be accountable to all of you. I am going to post once each day reporting my success or failure. If I stop
  3. Norvegicus

    Doxycycline Experience Log

    2012-07-12: I have been on doxycycline for 101 days now. I think it reduces my acne by about 75%, but I definitely still get some pimples. My stomach upset has basically resolved, I think my body got used to the drug and/or my intestines have been recolonized by doxycycline-resistant bacteria. Reply to arg1218: Hang in there, my upset stomach seemed to get better on its own with time. The fact that I reduced my dose to 40 mg/day probably also helped, but it may make the drug less effective. Als
  4. Norvegicus

    Doxycycline Side Effects

    Just like you, I saw great effectiveness with doxycycline but suffered from side effects (nausea). Here is what worked for me: 1. Dose reduction. I reduced my dose all the way to 40 mg per day. 2. Right after each dose of doxycycline, eat a meal or large snack. It was surprisingly helpful. 3. If you get nauseous anyway, eat a few crackers and drink some juice. Put something non-provocative in your stomach. Going hungry made it worse, for me at least. For more details, see my log.
  5. Follow your doctor's orders. Reasons: 1. Pharmacies will not refill prescriptions early*, so you will probably run out of pills, and that definitely won't be good for your acne. A low constant dose is better than a high dose followed by nothing. In fact, taking antibiotics in a non-routine manner is the best way to engender antibiotic resistance. 2. If you get caught disobeying your doctor, your doctor will lose trust in you and be annoyed, and it will generally strain the relationship. 3. Yo
  6. Norvegicus

    Bactrim Questions

    Some people experience photosensitivity, but definitely not everyone. I am on doxycycline, which has a reputation for causing photosensitivity (just like Bactrim), but I haven't experienced any problems. I am fairly pale, and I have been spending a lot of time in the sun with no sunscreen, yet I am doing fine. Now, I really should be using sunscreen, it slows skin aging and prevents cancer, but the point is that I am fine. Try going in the sun, but be cautious. Maybe taper up your sun exposure:
  7. Norvegicus

    Doxycycline Experience Log

    2012-06-08: More than two months into doxycycline. I am at 20 mg twice a day (40 mg per day total), and it is strikingly effective. I still have a little acne, but the spots are far less common and less inflamed. I never switched to minocycline. My doxycycline-related nausea seems to have dissipated, which is marvelous. I am tolerating doxycycline at the moment, and I hope it stays that way. Before doxycycline, I had acne all over my face and neck. After a month or two of doxycycline, the acne
  8. Norvegicus

    Doxycycline Experience Log

    2012-04-30: 28 days into doxycycline. My acne has decreased dramatically, however, doxycycline is not 100% effective. I do still have active, recent, and inflamed pimples - but the number is severely reduced. However, the nausea is intolerable. I have decided to switch to minocycline, in the hopes that will relieve the nausea while maintaining efficacy. If the minocycline also makes me nauseous, then I don't know what I will do. Maybe tetracycline, maybe Bactrim, or maybe I will give up on or
  9. Norvegicus

    Doxycycline Experience Log

    2012-04-21: 19 days into doxycycline. It is quite effective, but I am still having problems with nausea. I think I have gotten better at avoiding the nausea, but it still happens sometimes. I cannot stress enough the importance of taking doxycycline immediately before a meal or large snack. In response to PatrickParker: Many sources do say that you should not take tetracycline antibiotics at the same time as a meal, or with dairy, or with antacids, but I don't trust those sources at all. Firs
  10. Norvegicus

    Doxycycline Experience Log

    2012-04-16: 14 days into doxycycline. In the first 5 days, I saw very rapid and dramatic improvement. Since then, the speed of improvement has declined substantially. I think I am still making slow and steady progress. At least I hope I am. I am still having trouble with nausea, but I think I am learning how to mitigate it. Taking 60 mg/day seems to be more tolerable, 80 or 100 mg/day is too much. It is also important to spread out the doses. 40 mg all at once will upset my stomach, so I try
  11. I have switched to 20 mg every 12 hours, at least for the time being. Even after the dose decrease, I had a substantial amount of nausea today. I have also decided that taking it right before a meal or large snack may be good. At least, that is my current hypothesis. It didn't really yield positive results yet. Doxycycline is really not very scary, I don't know why so many people like Omnivium are afraid of permanent side effects. Doxycycline has never been scientifically linked to tinnitu
  12. I have been taking doxycycline for 8 days, see my experience log. It is already helping my skin, but I think it may be causing nausea. The symptom: I feel a mixture of gross unpleasantness and dull aching pain in my stomach. It is between my belly button and ribs, in the center and left of center, and toward the front. My abdomen is not tender. This nausea is accompanied by total lack of appetite. Onset and offset are very gradual - it creeps up over an hour, lingers for a few hours, then slo
  13. You should be able to continue taking doxycycline without further esophageal injury if: 1. Keep your head directly above your pelvis for 10 minutes after swallowing the doxycycline. This means sitting up or standing. Let gravity guide the pill to your stomach. 2. Drink at least 3 ounces of any beverage to wash down the pill. 8 ounces is massive overkill for most people, the esophagus is usually not very large (though it is quite stretchy). Doxycycline is much more irritating to the esop
  14. Norvegicus

    Doryx Question

    You shouldn't worry. First of all, the people who break out after stopping doxycycline are probably just "returning to baseline". You never left baseline, you saw no benefits (yet), so you have nothing to lose. Second, 3 weeks may not be long enough to see an effect. Review papers generally recommend waiting 6 weeks or more to judge whether an oral antibiotic was effective for acne. I recommend you continue all of your treatments until a reputable doctor tells you to do otherwise. Patience, m
  15. Comments: 1. There is a fair amount of mojibake in this post - non-ASCII characters that did not render correctly. I am using Firefox 11 with great Unicode support and compliance, so I am sure most users are seeing mojibake. Can we fix this somehow? 2. The post lists the potency of tetracyclines as "minocycline -> doxycycline -> tetracycline". I believe the "->" should be replaced with simply ">", then it would be correct. Also, it says minocycline is "the less potent [sic]", b