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  1. I'm surprised so few people talk about banana peels on this forum. I first heard that it works to relieve mosquito bites, then after some more research I learned that people use it on pimples as well. I have no idea if this would work on regular whitehead pimples, but I tried it on three cystic breakouts, one of which was rather large, and within fifteen minutes all were smaller, less inflamed, and hurt much less to the touch. I just cut squares of peel off and pressed it on the affected areas
  2. I am twenty years old. I no longer have 'acne', but I still get a handful of bad break outs every week, along with some mild acne on my forehead. It has been enough to give the illusion of really terrible skin because every time I break out, whether i pick at it or not, it always leaves a dark mark behind. This has been going on for years and I considered taking Accutane but my mom won't let me. After doing some research... I've gathered that Accutane is essentially overdosing your body wit
  3. It's working well - I've noticed the most change regarding the texture of my skin. It feels a lot smoother and softer now. Before I started the regimen, my main problems were hyperpigmentation/dark marks, constant breakouts (especially on my cheeks, everytime one blemish healed, another would pop back up) and just overall bad complexion/texture. Proactiv sort of worked with getting rid of actual 'active acne', especially on my forehead, but I was still left with these tiny little bumps that made
  4. Nope I didn't, it was a really smooth transition. A lot of people seemed to experience an initial breakout though, just know that it's perfectly common and normal, and the best advice is just to stick to it even if you get discouraged from the break outs. If you don't experience it.. then you're lucky! if you don't have sensitive skin, the BP won't have such adverse effects on you such as dryness, flaking, breakouts, etc.
  5. Yay, that sounds reassuring. nfamousjade - I forgot to mention that I also have combo/oily skin, so that's definitely a factor as well.
  6. Nope, Dan's BP doesn't really dry me out.. nothing that some moisturizer can't fix. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I used proactiv for almost six years before switching over to Dan's treatment though, so my skin has already become accustomed to BP.
  7. At night I cleanse my face using Dan's cleanser, then follow up with the BP treatment, and about 3-4 times a week I replace the regular moisturizer with his AHA moisturizer. Does the BP hinder the effect of AHA at all? Or vice versa?
  8. Okay, currently on Day 4.. still can't really feel the BP, but I'm noticing changes in the texture of my skin. It feels smoother and softer now. shiarua - I would recommend it. I guess if you have dry skin, you should make sure to follow up with a very rich moisturizer. I personally have oily/combo skin, so dryness isn't a problem for me.. his moisturizer is actually almost a bit too rich for me, haha.
  9. Would you say this is a good or bad thing? I used proactiv for five, going on six years and only recently switched over to Dan's treatment system.. my package literally arrived yesterday, so I've used it twice - last night and this morning. A lot of people complained of a burning sensation when first applying the BP, and flaking/dryness later on. I've experienced none of that though.. and I used the full amount. Does this mean that it's not working? Could it have something to do with the fact
  10. I have these dark spots, especially on my right cheek, from previous cystic breakouts. I'm on proactiv right now and have been for five years.. but I'm thinking of switching over to Dan's Regimen. So if I do do the switch, I know my skin will probably get really dry, based on what other people have told me. With that in mind, what products would be best for getting rid of the dark spots? I've heard of glycolic acid, lactic acid, etc.. but could I get some more specific answers? Like the perce
  11. I'm seventeen right now, and have been using Proactiv for almost six years.. thinking of switching over to Dan's Regimen. A lot of people seem to complain of burning, drying, flaking, itching, etc. after using the Regimen, but I'm thinking that since I've been using benzoyl peroxide for so long, it shouldn't be that big of a deal for me. Anybody want to share a story of their experience with this?
  12. I'm seventeen and have been on Proactiv for five, going on six years.. I know, it's terrible. I'm getting sick of Proactiv though, and it's not working that well anymore. It definitely helps keep acne away, but I still get breakouts pretty often. I'd say I currently have mild to moderate acne, with severe scarring. It's so ugly.. my scars aren't even concentrated in one area, which I would rather have. Instead, I have marks all over in random places - my skin totally fits the description of "spo