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  1. Has the jajoba oil exfoliation caused anyone breakouts? My acne was moderately severe before the regimen and I still get a little acne (17 weeks in only) and I am worried that I will break out from using this method.
  2. I have been on the regimen for exactly 17 weeks today. My face was getting to the point where I would get a new pimple every few days, if even. I had moderately severe acne before I started the regimen, so I figure it will take my skin longer to stop breaking out in comparison to others. Last weekend, I was at my sister's house. When her husband is drinking, he likes to touch everyone's faces. He approached me 4 times and basically attacked my face with his hands. Also, there were several people
  3. I go to yoga three times a week and wash my makeup and BP off with water only, then moisturize with jajoba oil. I don't think this irritates my skin, but it could. Honestly, I suggest you wait to wash until it is time for you to do the entire regimen, but if you really can't stand the feel of the foundation, then wash it off with water and moisturize. Not to mention the fact that your face is going to start drying out pretty bad over the next few weeks.
  4. I know exactly how you feel. My advice to you is to stop looking at your skin in the mirror so much. Try to do other things that occupy your mind. Worrying about every single bump only makes the process worse. I also know that those things are easier said than done. Just try. Worrying and stressing about new acne does not help it go away. It only makes it seem worse than it really is. And good job on taking the honey off immediately. Experimenting will do you no good. I used to try two new thing
  5. I mostly followed Dan's instructions. The first week I used a pea sized amount of BP. It didn't seem like enough, but after only a few days I started getting dry and itchy. The second week, I moved on to about a 1/2 fingers length. This is really when I started getting peely and feeling the associated burn. At week three I was using about 3/4 finger length. At week four, I started using a full fingers length. Accoring to the instuctions on the website, you are supposed to use a full fingers leng
  6. How is your acne? I would say mine is moderately severe without use of the regimen. I am scared that if I stop using as much my acne will come back!
  7. I wash my face. Wait 5 minutes. Apply BP. Wait about 40 mintues (that is how long it takes my BP to fully dry). Apply lotion with jajoba oil. So, it takes me around an hour, really. I think I take way too long to do the regimen, but I feel uncomfortable applying lotion to my BP unless it is dry. Sometimes at night when I am tired and doing the regimen later than normal, I put my lotion on after about 10-15 minutes of my BP drying and everything still feels the same.
  8. I have been on the regimen for 15 weeks and just started implementing AHA into my regimen very sparingly. If your skin is still pretty dry and flaky, I don't think AHA is the right solution for you just yet because you are still too new to the regimen. In my experience, AHA only further drys and irritates the skin until it is 100% used to the BP. From the issues you are having with your skin currently, it is not even close to being accustomed to the BP. The rougher you are with your skin, the wo
  9. Hi all - I have been on the regimen for exactly 15 weeks today. Over the past few weeks I have developed an issue with burning eyes. It only happens around five or six o'clock in the evening if I have spent more than twenty minutes outside. They do not burn too much, but I almost get blurry eyed (slightly) and want to close my eyes often. I live in Colorado, where it is currently summer (a hotter summer than normal this time of year). I noticed that the temperature has been in the eighties and n
  10. Hi Jimmy- I understand your feelings about acne. Although my acne has lessened dramatically over the past three months on the regimen, I still have days where it is hard to look in the mirror due to all the scarring and new acne. Truthfully, I recommend that you give the regimen a go. You said you have tried everything, but have you tried the regimen? I know it sounds ridiculous that something so SIMPLE could work, but I am living proof. I had moderately severe acne, so I still plan to see much
  11. It will go away. I am 23 and have been on the regimen for two and a half months. In the beginning, I noticed that I had wrinkles around my eyes. BP is so drying, mainly in the beginning. For me, it gradually went away as the intense dryness subsided. Give it time and your skin will completely adjust.
  12. For my 4th day all the way through my 4th week on the regimen my face was always itchy and irritated. I had a few moments when my face was so itchy that I had to dig my fingernail into my skin to make it stop. I think that this seems to be a normal symptom of the regimen, although it lasts longer for some than it does others. Some people claim to only itch for 1 to 2 weeks and it goes away with a total clearning of acne. I am just starting my 6th week of the regimen and all symptoms of itchiness
  13. I went to my grandmothers house for Easter today. The first thing my aunt said to me is: "Wow, your skin is looking so much better than last time I saw you." I was not expecting to hear this. It put me in a really good mood. I felt more confident today than I have in a while, even though I still have instense scarring and acne going on. The craziest thing about it is that she has never commented on my skin before.