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  1. In the past 7 years I've pretty much exhausted every other option. The only thing that seems to work, although barely, is accutane. My skin has become much better than what it was a couple years back. These days I get 2-3 nodular acne per week, as opposed to getting 2-3 daily. I did put some ice on that swelling and it did get a little better. It's not as hard as it was before, it has softened quite a bit. Now I'm hoping the antibiotics will do their job and make it subside completely
  2. So, I started my 3rd treatment with roaccutane about 10 days ago, now I have a big cyst, or nodule, honestly I don't know what it is. I know that roaccutane can be the cause of stronger acne in the first month or two, but this is the first time something this big popped. I did have similar acne on my chest and back before, in the days when my skin was the worst, but this one bothers me quite bit. I have trouble moving my neck, kinda feels like my whole neck is stiff as rock. I've been told tha
  3. Roaccutane: Duration: 6 months Daily dose: *varies* - 1st month 30mg, 2-4th month 50mg, 5-6th month 70mg Weight: 75kg I was lucky not to have any lasting consequences, as soon as I finished my treatment all the side effects vanished. I had minor, common side effects like: dry sking, very dry lips, sore muscles, loss of energy
  4. My face is somewhat under control, but my back keeps getting worse every week. I get an allergic reaction to both AHA and BP. My skin is very reactive and sensitive, it reacts to most moisturizing cremes (anything from Nivea destroys me, the only products i can use come from Neutrogena). I had bacne for about 6 years now and i haven't found anything that has a lasting effect, basically the only thing that had any effect where strong antibiotics Down here i will try to recall everything
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I have finally made my peace and decided how i will continue to live my life.
  6. mario90

    Back acne and scars 01.11.2012.

    What I tried so far: Differin, Duac gel, Jomelop E, Retin-A, Azelaic Acid, Aloe vera, Lemon juice, Minocycline, Doxycycline, Tetracycline, Clindamycin, Roaccutane, Vitamin B5, Tazorac......so on, can't really remember everything i tried so far
  7. I always wondered what it would be like to be in a relationship with someone you carde for. But sadly I was rejected my whole life, the main two respones i'd get are: "Let's just stay friends" and "Get away from me you disgusting monster". After gathering around 50-60 rejections i just gave up on it. As soon i finished highschool my skin started to clear out, i got rid of most of my cysts and nodules so i decided to start again ttalking to girls. This time i'm not looking for a relationshipp bu
  8. Well, accutane works differently on other people. For me it started showing results after the 5th month, by then I was already on 70mg. You have to take to mind that accutane isn't a 100% healer, you still might get the occasional pimple even after you've finished the treatment. Maybe you could talk to your derm for a dosage increase. I started with 50mg and we are about the same body proportions ( 175lb 6'1)
  9. I don't think you can tell that for sure, it can work different on others. I've had a friend who was completely cured with doxy, while for me it just wasted 3 months of my life, it didn't help one bit
  10. I always wondered what it would feel like to get a compliment on your looks. If someone ever told me that i was attractive I would probably react the same way. Being called ugly and monster these past ten years, there is no way I could believe if someone said that I 'm attractive now
  11. The best you can do is see a derm., everyone will tell you that. Just find one who has a good reputation, usually the private derms. are better, they will charge u but they will also cure you ( at least thats my experience) You shouldn't worry too much, some light antibiotics or vitamins should clear you in no time. You are far from severe, thats why its best to treat it now before it can get worse
  12. My back is covered in keloid scars, so I was wondering if laser surgery effects keloids as well?
  13. I'm from Europe but not in the UK. Duac gel worked fine on my face, but it had absolutely no effect on my back, all it did was make my skin sticky and oily. I will ask about that dalacin T lotion and maybe try it out when i get another breakout. My back is pretty clear right now, the swelling has subsided almost completely without putting any gels on it. That happens very often, i'd have a clear back for a month or two, but soon it would break out again.
  14. the first course barely showed any changes, but the second course managed to clear my face from cysts and nodules. Didn't get a single cyst since the second course treatment, altough my back was still covered with them. I am currently using different gels on my back trying to get rid of some huge nodules, i might have to go an another treatment, probably with a different antibiotic
  15. I think that 9 months is the absolute maximum per one treatment, at least thats what my derm. said. I took accutane for almost 8months ( first 4month with 30mg, next two months 50mg, and the rest for 70mg), after a 6 months break i went on it again for 8 months (4months on 50mg and 4months on 70mg). I had to get my blood checked every month and since everything was fine i just stayed longer on accutane. If you are cheking your blood and everything is fine you shouldn't be worried of staying
  16. I don't know if i can answer this truly since noone ever called me attractive, maybe some did think so, but i never heard it out loud
  17. After two treatments with roaccutane (8 months per treatment over the course of 2years) and DUAC gel my face finnaly cleared up and i haven't gotten a single cyst for at least 10months, just the occasional small pimpels which i don't mind at all, considering what i had to deal with these past 9 years. The inflamed area is in the middle top part of my back. I had those same bumps all over my face and they vanished after killing myself with those antibiotics, but my back hasn't shown any change a