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  1. I sometimes look at photographs of myself when I was 15 or so and feel silly. I only had one or two spots back then and I never even noticed them. All I did was wash my face with plain water. It was only as I got older I noticed these few blemishes and picked at them, resulting in a catalyst that I'm dealing with the after effects of even now.
  2. Oranges do it for me. They cause body acne where there was non previously.
  3. I had to rush out the door today with no time to do my hair or makeup or get all dressed up. I got hit on all evening. Really surprised and slightly confused since I don't get that much attention when I'm done up. Still, feeling better about things now.
  4. I only have one active right now. It's a big red one right in the centre of my left cheek. I'm too scared to extract it incase it sets off the alarm and more show up to avenge it's death.
  5. Small under the skin bump has formed. It's one of those annoying flesh coloured ones that takes it's time to go away too. On the plus side the big one on my temple is gone completely. Still dousing everything in 10% BP and hoping it gets better soon. I got some more Duac today which I'm going to be using. Mostly just PIH now which is fine by me. I can't wait for all the clogs to be gone. I tried an ice cube massage for the first time today. It was very refreshing and my skin got much tighte
  6. My skin is looking better today. Lots of PIH though. No scarring which I'm grateful for. Only a couple of actives left. Been hammering the 10% BP and using it twice a day: my skin isn't permanently red and swollen like it was last time. Going to knock it down to a maintenance dose of 2.5% once I'm clear again.
  7. Been doing literally nothing but exfoliating and applying 10% BP. Most of the actives have cleared up. A big nasty one popped up on my left temple but it's covered by hair so that's not too bad. Cheeks and forehead are progressing nicely.
  8. Face is clearing up pretty nicely now. There are a few stubborn spots that aren't ready to be on their way yet and one particularly angry, large demon popped up on my temple today.
  9. I hope it calms down for you soon Lily. I think the stresses of Uni have a big part to play in creating acne; I'm in my final year now and it's made both my friends and I start breaking out again. I'm doing much the same things at the moment - wash, treatment (although I'm skipping on the moisturiser) and just hope it gets better soon. I'm quite lucky that most of my work is meant to be done at home so I can use BP quite frequently without worrying about anybody seeing the flakes etc.
  10. Skin is peeling at a rate of knots now. Seems to be taking some of the hyperpigmentation with it too which is nice. I just want it to be flat for my birthday then I can cover it with make up (it's my 21st so there's going to be a LOT of photos).
  11. Works very well for me, doesn't sink in as easily as say Clear Zit but over continued use it did clear up my mild acne.
  12. Skin is continuing to heal from the breakout. Lots of flakes and dryness and still some active spots but not as bad as the last visual update. Easily covered with one layer of medium coverage foundation. Wore some eyeliner and lipstick today which made me feel better about life (and got me a fair bit of attention too!).
  13. Exfoliated with just sugar and lemon juice paste today before reapplying the BP. Skin is looking reasonable but still not as clear as I'd like.
  14. The NHS can be useless with mental health issues. I used to suffer from post traumatic stress and despite having what appeared to be a breakdown in the GP's office, explaining how suicidal and aggressive I was feeling and then promptly storming off to a busy road when she wasn't treating me seriously enough I never got a referral for help, I just had to deal with it on my own.
  15. Using BP to slowly bring this breakout under control. Not moisturising inbetween to get as much flaking and peeling going on as possible. Currently a bit clearer, cheeks are noticeably better.