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  1. Hey guys. I have been on the regime for about 2 months. It was going great. I still get extremely flakey skin and dryness but thats ok However recently I have started breaking out again. Like a new zit everyday for the past week or so. ALSO though, I have been getting zits where I don't use BP, where I NEVER usually get any. ( I don't use bp on my forehead nose or chin because they are normal parts of my skin. My acne is only on my cheeks So my thoughts where I am just getting t
  2. In all honesty man it is completely up to you. Having BP on there all the time just means less chance of breaking out. However, most of the action takes place at night anyways I would assume. Cause really? How many times have you looked in the mirror and at the end of the day had a breakout. Most likely never. BUT how many times have you woken up with a breakout? all the time i bet. Point is night should be fine, then I would use it in the morning but just as a very light spot treatmen
  3. "glad to hear it is working for you I'd considered starting the regimen then changed my mind because I've already used BP for a while with limited results but this post does sort of make me want to try it out..." Yea pal, do it. There will be so many ups and downs, so many "why am i breaking out still", lots of bad days. But, the end result is so worth it my friend. "Im on week 8 too, and im almost completely clear, and breakouts are very rare now Im still trying to get rid of t
  4. Hey all, it has been a while. Just letting everyone know the regime works great. Week 7 and going great. Skin is flakey as hell but I do not care. Rather that than acne any day Stick through all the ups and downs, it WILL work. My motivation for me came when I did a medical for work. On the form was a section for skin. The "Normal" box was ticked for me. So stoked. Good luck everyone and thanks dan!
  5. I am the same. I will never be able to use full pumps. I use very small amounts, it is just too drying
  6. So true, Keep going acne.org such a great site
  7. See your doc pal. How have you been finding the accutane? I was on it 3 times, it did nothing for me GOOD LUCK !!
  8. Hey guys one quick question! The regime is doing great so far, middle of week 2, so much clearer than before Today however I noticed I have flaking very bad in my sensitive areas! (Looks gross, but id much rather flakes that acne) So what are these flakes, are they dead skin that has peeled off? Can this skin clog your pores? THanks
  9. Not moisturising for a few days won't matter to much. If it was for a 4 days or more yes it would be bad because you might break out because your face becomes so dry, that the body kicks in overdrive to produce oil to lubricate the skin. If it's only for a few days and you can't get your hands on some don't worry. The only detrimental affect it will have is that your face will be SO dry. Good luck
  10. Thats great to hear mate!! I just hit week 2! Week 1 was awesome, cleared up a lot of my face. Week 2 is currently terrible. You know when you break out, a little bit and its a sign that alot more is to come, well thats me I think this week is going to be bad
  11. Just started week 2! My first week it cleared me up great, but now going into week 2 I am breaking out again How depressing...
  12. Use BP 2.5%. People. The regime works!!!!!
  13. I also had some discolouration swell, it seems to have faded however. That plan seems fine to me. *aswell