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  1. Wow, what foundations have you been using? only the "bad quality" type of foundations migrate into fine lines and emphasize pimples. You should go to Sephora and browse for an actual decent foundation you can wear on a day to day basis. There is definitely tons of new innovative formulas out there these days; something for everyone. I am 35. I have fine lines, mainly nasolabial folds, and oily skin. There is not a foundation out there that won't migrate, with or without primer, and they all
  2. I can use one or two BB creams if I mix them with some regular sunscreen, or I can use mineral powder, but only if my skin is not too flaky. There are non-bismuth foundations out there. I do not use liquid foundations because they feel gross and will migrate into any lines or flakes or pimples.
  3. I ran a little experiment last month that really made me think that these supplements were helping me. I have taken Vitex and B6 on and off for the last 8 years or so to help me have better menstrual cycles. Without these supplements, I have 25 day cycles with a lot of spotting for the last week before my period, and very little ovulation signs. With these supplements, I get 5 solids days of fertile signs leading up to ovulation, no spotting, and 28 day cycles. I had stopped for a while,
  4. I love liver. I go to "old folks'" restaurants because it's the only place I can find liver and I hate cooking meat at home because of the smell. I love all organ meats, actually. Can't eat them all the time, of course, but delicious and nutritious! So glad my dad is an old Italian and fed us such "weird" foods.
  5. I have not tried quitting it, but my best friend was plagued by chin cysts until she quit dairy, and they stopped. She got tested for food allergies and it turned out she is allergic to dairy, gluten and eggs. Changing her diet was really difficult, esp. as she was vegetarian and had to start eating meat because she can really only eat meat and veggies/fruits now, but her skin is fine now, and she lost 40 lbs!
  6. That's a good idea. That's what I ended up doing. It seems like trying to apply concealer is the problem and makes it more obvious, but powder doesn't have the same problem. I also got a sample of some moisturizer and put it in my purse so that whenever it starts to look flaky again, I can repeat the process.
  7. So I don't think that you look bad at all! I can barely see what you are talking about. Anyway, since that is not helpful, you could get some Rx that would fade those marks. Any retinoid (Differin, Retin-A, etc.) will fade those marks and give you lovely skin, but there is a long and unpleasant adjustment period that may be too much to bear for some tiny marks. Another option is Azelex. It is a naturally occurring acid that reduces hyperpigmentation and kills bacteria. I used it for
  8. Clindamycin stopped working for me after about six weeks. This is fairly common as it has been in use for awhile and your skin's bacteria will become resistant to it. The good news is that you can use it again after about a year, when your bacterial profile will have changed. However, until then, you need something else to kill the bacteria. I would replace the antibiotic gel with BPO 2.5%, which you can just buy here. Bacteria cannot become resistant to BPO as it works by simply bursting t
  9. Probably using too much. Most of the retinoids say to use 1 pea-sized drop. This is a very tiny amount, and hard to spread. My trick is to wait an hour after washing your face so that there is enough oil to help the gel spread.
  10. Every time I switched between retinoids, I had a week of bad skin. I used the silver Tazorac for three months and loved it, but because I still had 1-2 inflamed headless pimples, my doctor switched me to something else. I did break out again for a week, but then it settled down again, and was nothing like the terrible first month that you ever use any retinoid.
  11. You know, they're kinda scabby, kinda healing, dry skin, but if you rub off the dry skin, it will weep/ooze/recrust. If you leave the crust on, it is too rough for makeup to go over it. What do you ladies do for these? (I am not a picker - most times, they break open on their own.)
  12. When you start BPO or retinoids, they will dry your skin out. Even though you are in a hurry to have pretty skin, it is a good idea to start really slowly, or the irritation will be too much and you might not be able to continue with the treatment. I would alternate days for the BPO wash and the adapalene so that each one is used only every other day for about two weeks. You should still use the clindamycin and doxycycline as prescribed as they are antibiotics and need the correct dose to
  13. The pump is way more expensive. The gel in a tube is cheaper.
  14. I had been happily using Retin-A Micro every night last fall (well, mostly happily but my skin was a bit too dry and peely) but when winter came, my doctor gave me Atralin, which is Retin-A but with more moisturizers in it. He said that I would only be able to use it every other night without irritation, but when I dropped to this schedule, my acne returned. I kind of had crappy skin all winter because if I used topicals enough to keep the acne away, my skin was horribly inflamed, and if I use