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  1. Oh, to catch a break...

    1. TheBSides92

      Hi- Please Help? :)

      *** Thanks for the reply, Rorius. I would say my acne isn't very severe, but because I'm so pale acne shows up really clearly! Since posting the other day, I have had quite a big break-out and I'm really worrying now. I have a horrible feeling it's about to become quite a bit more severe; I've not known a break out like this in a long time. I will see if I can get a higher dosage of Zinc. Yes, I forgot to mention- I tried Benzoyl Peroxide for a long time, applying it according to the Regimen.
    2. TheBSides92

      Hi- Please Help? :)

      Hiya. I've been loitering around these message boards for ages! I wonder if anyone can help me at all. I'm 20, and I've been suffering with acne since I was about 13. It's pretty mild most of the time, but still bugs me enough for me to often feel down about it. I was taking Yasmin for about 2 years (for my skin- not birth control), and I seem to remember my acne clearing up a little at the beginning, but over the past few months I've frequently experienced more breakouts. Sometimes they ar
    3. SCREW YOU, HORMONES! That is all. ;)

      1. TheBSides92


      2. TheBSides92


        Hi I'm so fed up. I'm so fed up and this is the only place I can come to vent, because I can just talk and talk and no one will interrupt me to tell me that I'm worrying about nothing, because I know that isn't true. I wish it was. I'm not trying to make things difficult for myself just for the sake of it. I know there are things in the world that are much worse than acne and that's something I keep trying to remind myself of, but still I feel so hopeless and down. I've suffered with this b
      3. TheBSides92

        List The Things Acne Took Away From You....

        Self-esteem Self-worth Confidence Balance What I had of a social life. My ability to be myself around people- I feel like I need to hide behind defence mechanisms such as frequent, unrelenting banter. It's exhausting. My autonomy, to an extent.
      4. Hello. It's been a few months since last I blogged about my skin. In that time, there have been no huge changes; my skin is not completely clear, and my confidence has definitely not rocketed skywards, but I have noticed some small changes to my skin that I find interesting and would like to share. So, a bit of background: I have been on the pill since I was 17. That has not changed, and I can't see it changing for a while. I started taking the pill for one reason, and that was my complex
      5. Lower cheeks- acne on the lower cheeks seems to last and scar for ages! Chin Above the top lip Between the eye-brows Temples (only because they hurt so much!)
      6. TheBSides92

        Clean? No. Clear? You've Got To Be Kidding...

        Heeey It's so good that you've noticed a difference in your moods, etc. so early into the treatment- you must feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Do you know when you're first seeing the psychiatrist? I bet they'll be really helpful. It's great your mum and boyfriend are so supportive. Have your products started to make a difference? And at least you know about the effect of the Clearasil now! Nothing new is happening with me, really. Last night, I bought a clea
      7. TheBSides92

        Clean? No. Clear? You've Got To Be Kidding...

        Hi! So sorry this is such a late reply; things have been very busy here! Are you feeling better after visiting your doctor? A psychologist isn't such a bad idea. It sounds scary, and I know where you're coming from when you say you never thought you'd be in such a situation, but talking to someone about your feelings might really help you out. Particularly if it's not something you talk about a lot with your mum/boyfriend. Talking to someone who is essentially a stranger might encourage y
      8. TheBSides92

        Clean? No. Clear? You've Got To Be Kidding...

        Hello again Haha yes, nothing like a good rant! Sorry to hear you're feeling bad. It's definitely a good thing that you're going to see the doctor if you're feeling that down. The last time I went to see my GP about acne, and I explained that I was feeling down, he jokingly (I hope!) suggested that I put a bag over my head! I am sure that the person you see will take you very seriously, and they might be able to suggest some stress-relief techniques that will hopefully make you feel a bit h
      9. TheBSides92

        Clean? No. Clear? You've Got To Be Kidding...

        Hi! Sorry- I did reply to your message and when I submitted it, it took ages to save and, well... long story short, I have absolutely no idea what happened to my original response. Thank you so much for your message! In a really selfish way, I'm relieved that I'm not looking at/dealing with this in a really weird way, and that other people feel the same as me. I am so similar to you in the way in which I will hide in my room when my skin is acting up, and only come out when it's really neces
      10. I'm fed up. For some reason, I could handle acne a lot better when I was younger. Sure, I'd feel down about it, but I could bring myself to put on my make-up and, although I was aware of it, acne wasn't something I thought about every few minutes. I wasn't constantly aware of these horrible bumps on my face. Most importantly, I don't remember it stopping me from doing things, like seeing my boyfriend at the time. I didn't visit sites on how to get rid of the acne, because I wasn't obsessed, a
      11. TheBSides92

        This Is Why...

        It's almost ten o'clock. I have to go on a business trip tomorrow and my skin had not been dry for the past four weeks, so I was beginning to think I was on the right track. Today, my skin is dry to the point of a co-worker commenting on it in front of colleagues in the kitchen at work. Since then, I've been drinking lots of water and moisturing to no avail! Tomorrow I have quite a long plane ride which will no doubt further dry out my face, and then two full days of not being able to look c