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  1. Have you tried the regimen from acne.org? It works for the majority of people who have not found success with other treatments. If you have severe acne, though, I would find another doctor who is willing to give you accutane. That has been a miracle drug for many people as well, and the serious side effects are extremely rare.
  2. If you have breakouts all over your face, than apply it to your whole face. Start off with a small amount and gently spread it around your face until it is absorbed, rather than rubbing it in. Gradually increase the amount over time if your skin needs it and can tolerate it. Otherwise, just try to figure out an amount that is right for you. Hope this helps.
  3. Hey, I'm not sure of what product brands you have where you live, so my only suggestion is that you try the Neutrogena Extra Gentle Moisturizer for Sensitive skin. It's ingredients differ a lot from the normal moisturizer that you have, so maybe it will work better. If you don't buy the one with the SPF, just make sure that you don't use benzoyl peroxide during the day.
  4. Justin - no, my face doesn't get all dry and flakey after I wash, but it used to when I was using the wrong products and not being gentle enough. Since you only have Neutrogena products where you live, I would recommend the Extra Gentle Face Wash, and stick with the same moisturizer you've been using, for now. You should probably give your skin a break from the bp for a few days since you are so dry and red. You may also want to try moisturizing at night as well if you are not already doing t
  5. Many topical treatments are safe, such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and glycolic acid. A lot of women actually clear up when they become pregnant, although some acne may get worse. Your baby's safety should come first, though, so if I were you I wouldn't even use much of the topical products. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think that benzoyl peroxide is a class C drug, which means that it has never been proven to be harmful to a fetus, but it has also never been proven to be complete
  6. I think that Proactiv can work for most people, but there's a certain way that you have to use the products (which they should explain in their directions). First of all - the cleanser - this is more like a scrub, so you have to be really gentle, I mean REALLY gentle; otherwise it can irritate the hell out of your skin. Do not rub it, just gently spread it around and rinse completely. After you cleanse, wait about 5 - 10 minutes and then apply the toner with a cotton ball or pad GENTLY - once
  7. Hey Justin - I also have really dry and sensitive skin, so here is what works for me - I wash my face with Purpose Moisturizing Foaming Cleanser, and I never rub my face when I wash it, I more or less just spread the cleanser around and then rinse; I apply the on-the-spot ONLY at night, because having the benzoyl peroxide constantly on my skin is way too irritating and drying, and I don't think you should have it on your skin all the time anyways. I moisturize in the morning with Purpose Alpha-
  8. You can try and put ice on it, rather than hot water. The ice could actually lessen the swelling and speed up healing time. You can put it directly on the cyst for about 20 seconds, or if you have sensitive skin wrap the ice in a paper towel or wash cloth. After you ice the area (you should do this at night), put a thick glob of bp on it (don't rub it in). You should either leave it on all night, or do this a couple of hours before your nighttime routine. Hope this helps!
  9. To thatguy - actually not all soaps are the same. You should not use any soap or cleanser which contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate because it is an extremely comedogenic ingredient, and very drying. Every soap or cleanser contains different ingredients, so you should check to make sure that there is nothing irritating or acne-causing. And for those with sensitive skin, you should stick with something dye-free and fragrance-free. And one more thing - a lot of people can use whatever skincare line
  10. I actually tried Sage products for about 2 months not that long ago. Honestly they made my acne much worse, but many people who have used their products (actually most people) say that their acne worsened before it got better. I didn't have the patience to wait and the products are extremely expensive. I found a lot of good things about them and a lot of bad things. The good things are - all of the ingredients used are non-comedogenic, pure, and very beneficial to your skin; the customer ser
  11. Avoid any shampoos which contain sodium lauryl sulfate - it can cause acne or make it worse. A couple of good shampoos to use if you are acne prone are, Salon Selectives Perfectly Normal; and Suave Clarifying. I use the Salon Selectives shampoo and conditioner, and I have never had a problem with breakouts on my scalp or anywhere on my face that my hair touches. Hope that helps.
  12. Any store that sells baby products should have it, because it is used for diaper rash. So, even grocery stores carry it.
  13. Actually, I NEVER used the words "disappoint", "steal" and "son". Obviously you weren't paying attention too well, because that was Timbo2600 who said that. Anyways, I don't even care about this - so maybe you should get over it. And lili - you are completely wrong, so I'm over that really quick as well. It's obvious that Garkee has succeeded in gaining your sympathy and making you feel bad for him. I was simply stating the facts - I never once put anybody down.
  14. I wasn't jealous - I was annoyed. What does jealousy have to do with any of this??? I'm confused. Oh well, all I know is that if I ever quote somebody word for word I am going to give credit where credit is due. Now, let's all stop acting like Garkee was seriously insulted and accept the truth. The only people who should feel insulted are the group of people who work at SageSkinCare and have people post their very useful information, but forget to credit them.
  15. Certain birth control pills can clear mild to moderate acne in many women, but the results can take up to a year since your hormones have to become balanced. And, it can also make acne worse or cause acne for other women. A doctor is usually the best at determining if it will work for you, because they know the different estrogen/progestin levels in pills; and they could also take bloodwork to find out if you have any hormonal imbalances. If your acne is not hormonal, then birth control pills