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  1. Day 84. My lips have been super dry since being on 60mg a day. I've tried a variety of different chapsticks... blistex, aquafor (however you spell it ha), etc. The thing that works the best though seems to be vaseline. It works a ton better than the others, at least for me. I don't look like Clint Eastwood anymore ha. The higher dosage has been drying out my eyes though. Not cool, because I wear contacts and it's almost impossible to wear them here lately. My back has gained substantial gr
  2. Shawn017

    Week 11

    Day 77. Still not much change. It's hard to tell when I see myself everyday, but I know it'll get even better the further along in the process I go. I just have to sit it out.
  3. Shawn017

    Week 10

    Day 70. Still not much change, feels like I hit a plateau for the moment.
  4. Shawn017

    Week 9

    Day 63. 60 mg a day. Not much change, if any.
  5. Day 56. Everything is fine, just a slow process. My back is getting better, it's just hard to see significant process when you see yourself everyday. My lips are dry and so are my eyes. I put eye drops in at least once a day, but sometimes the dryness still manages to bother my contacts. Also I've been swimming laps in my pool, gotta get that exercise back in the routine.
  6. Shawn017

    Week 7

    Day 49. Still chuggin' along. I feel like my acne fluctuates. Sometimes I think I'm on the road to recovery and then I breakout. Then again I could just be seeing the results of stress accumulating from finals. It'll just take time, you can't rush this stuff (unfortunately haha). However from when I started to now, I'd say I've improved 100% even though I am still having trouble getting the last bit of it killed off.
  7. Shawn017

    Week 6

    Day 42. 40mg a day. Things are getting better. My back has really gained significant ground in the past week/ week and a half. Unfortunately though, I have red marks out the ying yang from it all. Time will fix that, however with summer coming I hope that's sooner than later.
  8. Shawn017

    Week 5

    Day 35. I went to the doctor's earlier in the week. My triglycerides had risen even though I've been pretty cautious of what I eat, but then again I've been real busy studying for school (especially now that finals are coming) that unfortunately I haven't been able to go workout in over a month. So that's probably a contributing factor in the higher numbers. I am now on 40mg a day. And to clear up the info about being dry... I kind of had conflicting posts. When I first started takin
  9. Ha I'm sure you'll be fine. I normally "eat within reason" as it is, but my doc said that the medicine tends to raise your cholesterol so to avoid really fatty (unsaturated fats, I presume) and high in cholesterol foods. So I'm trying to be as cautious as possible I suppose. Everything's good in moderation though, right? hah
  10. Day 28. Nothing crazy has happened, my shoulders look a little bit better I guess. Still got issues though plus some hardcore redness. Still not dried out. I find this really strange. I go to my doc appt next week so I'll be doing some investigating. I know it works it's magic on everybody differently but my general understanding was everybody got super dry (Clint Eastwood style - like in Good, Bad, and the Ugly haha). Maybe I'm just super oily. I mean I know I'm a load more oilier than th
  11. Shawn017

    Week 3

    Day 21. I drank a good amount of alcohol on day 15 and forgot to take my pill. Double negative I suppose, oh well. Kind of an accident, definitely not going to make a habit of it since the doc said I should lay off the adult beverages. However, it did lower my tolerance pretty dramatically. Made the night pretty cheap haha Other than that I've been taking my meds regularly with no results. Still fairly early though. I'm really not dry at all anymore, it's weird. I got pretty dry from t
  12. Shawn017

    Week 2

    Day 14. So around day 10 or so, I really started noticing the whole "drying out" effect everybody was talking about. Now that I'm at the 2 week marker, my lips are pretty dry and my hair and face are much less oilier than normal (which is good, glad to know it's doing work ha). However, my problems with my back haven't exactly subsided yet, to put it mildly. Now that I'm at day 14, I've noticed over the past few days I've been breaking out more than usual. My face, which was actually rea
  13. Shawn017

    Week 1

    Day 7. Hm not much has changed honestly. I've been really adamant about drinking a lot of water, so hopefully that limits the dry mouth/lips that are soon to come. If anything my face broke out a little more than usual, but nothing crazy or unmanageable.
  14. Day 1. Thought I'd start a little blog to keep track of my progress while taking Claravis. My doc said I should be on it for 6 months, hopefully the medicine runs it's course sooner than that. We shall see. ha I'm on 30mg once a day. I started with hardly any issues on my face and if there were, it was only on my forehead. However, still very minor. My shoulders were the main reason I started. Therefore I should start out by saying, my shoulders were in rough shape. I just got tired