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  1. Hi I have pcos too. Yasmin was the best treatment for me. Stopped it due to developing melasma last year. Acne is back among other symptoms. Derm wants me to try accutane. I haven't been convinced that it's the right thing to try. I am wondering if I should try metformin?
  2. I hope someone posts because this is an option I am considering since stopping Yasmin too. I had the same thing happen to me since stopping! This has impacted me terribly. The acne is out of control!
  3. Hi. I too am a melasma sufferer. I cried and cried when I first noticed it and then got the actual diagnosis. I have it all over my face! It started with a small dot on my one cheek a few summers ago, 2006. And last winter 2011, I woke up and it had grown from my forehead down to my chin and all around. The only part of my face that is my natural tone are my eye sockets. I stopped my BCP that same day of diagnosis because my Derm said that was causing it. A year later it's still there but not to
  4. I have been using differing since the beginning of march 2012. Two weeks in I developed this weird red itchy warm to the touch rash on my neck and chest. I looked like I has a sun burn or somthing in that area. And when I touched it the texture of the skin was different than the rest of.my skin. I have a follow up with my Derm in two weeks. Will bring it up. I noticed very little impact on my ance.
  5. Hi. I went off Yasmin a year ago now. Up until then I had crystal clear skin, hormones under control, body hair under control, actually had laser to, and it was great. But now, my acne is out of control, on my face, on my chest, on my back, I am starting to scar. My body had grew back in with a vengeance. And I haven't had my hormones checked since I went off. I was on Yasmin since 2004. Went off because I developed melasma, skin discoloration over my entire face, so I looked like I had gone on