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  1. Tutu, Please look into candida, candida diet, parasites and worms, acidosis, alkaline diet. All the information you get find online will get you going in the right direction. I cleaned up 95% of my acne from dieting and taking the right supplements. Candex or other digestive enzymes will help you greatly. Believe it or not, acne is not just something you get for no reason. There IS an underlying cause. Sorry, I don't want to make this a long post. I haven't been on here in a
  2. I'll post more later when I get more time, or i'll even send you a PM. Anyhow.. lots of similarities here. I am also turning 27 this year. I also graduated college recently. And I also used to play poker for income, for a few years before things went sour (us govt fuked us). I used to play on full tilt and pokerstars regularly, and I have two close friends to left the states just so they could continue playing, and well they are still making some decent money. Anyhow.. I have also dea
  3. Ive tried acupuncture for acne and it didnt help BUT, it did help with stress relief. If you get a good acupuncturist i think you will find the session very relaxing and a sense of healing. I am feeling okay about my skin. GOing back to a strict diet. I opened my diet and started eating dairy, sugar, pork, drinking alchol etc and it has def affected my skin and my mind and over all well being. So for the new years, back on track. LEh gooo Oh hey Deja, you might want to look into cuppin
  4. If drinking alcohol makes you break out, strongly consider the fact that your acne is diet related. Mine was and for the longest time I thought it was hormonal. Yes it fucken sucks that we cant eat certain foods,etc etc but IF this is the cause for you, it is so worth it to find your triggers. If you have gone the diet route, and I mean REALLY gone the diet route and tried eliminating certain foods, etc then this post will do you no good. But if you havent, I STRONGLY encourage you to try
  5. Its very easy for people who have overcome acne to give such advice. I notice that everyone on this forum that goes the "it could be worse route" have generally overcome acne and are not suffering horribly like some.
  6. Deep stuff. Well since were on the subject. Around the middle of this year I fell into a deep depression myself. It wasn't just acne related, had to do with some deep rooted problems that went way back. It was a combination of so much... poor diet, unfortunate circumstances, and more. It got deeper, and jsut didn't get better for the longest. I even did my research, planned how I would do it... even wrote my letters. Anyhow.. I don't know how I got through it but I did. And no
  7. dunno but probiotics has always made mebreak out real bad in the past on 3 different occasions/attempts.
  8. This one time. I took a huge dump and I put the poop on my face. It made my face smelly. im jk. but damn that snail.. thats awesome.
  9. Same here. I actually have IBS! I've however been offered the option of accutane. There was someone on here with celiac disease who took accutane recently and had positive results. It's a big gamble though especially for those of us who already have an ailment which may or may not get worse as a result. I sympathise! I bet if you cured your IBS it would really help with your acne. My acne has been caused by digestive problems ALL along.
  10. What is urine therapy? I hope its not what I think it might be? lol
  11. I thought for the longest that my acne was hormonal bc it was most severe around my jaw line, neck, and chin area. I am clear now and it was bc of candida and other gut related issues, not hormonal. Not saying this is the same for you but i thought i'd chime in.
  12. I use nano cyclic silver. Just ran out so I ordered the pink one to try it out. Ive been using this soap for over a few months and I love it.